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Expert Yishun Childcare Staff for Quality Care

Finding the right childcare in Yishun experienced childcare staff is tough for parents. Apple Tree Playhouse offers top-notch care with a skilled team. Our staff is experienced and certified.

Let's hear a moving story about the impact of our team. Sarah, a working mom in Yishun, wanted a second home for her daughter, Emma. She was looking for a place that was educational yet warm.

Sarah found Apple Tree Playhouse after much research. She felt welcomed by the staff's warmth and genuine affection for kids. They took time to discuss Sarah's worries, making her feel comfortable.

yishun experienced childcare staff

A group of three Yishun childcare professionals standing confidently and attentively, with warm smiles on their faces and a bright, colorful background representing a playful and nurturing environment for children. One staff member is holding a book, while another is helping a child with an activity, showcasing their dedication and expertise in providing quality care. The third staff member is engaging with a parent, highlighting their excellent communication skills in building strong relationships with families. Each staff member is wearing a uniform with the childcare center's logo, conveying their professionalism and commitment to providing top-notch care for young children.

The staff shared their training in early childhood education and their drive for creating a great learning space. It was clear they were committed to giving Emma the best care.

The joy in Emma's eyes at the play areas made Sarah's choice clear. She was confident she picked the best for Emma’s growth.

Apple Tree Playhouse staff work hard to provide superb care for kids like Emma. We value early education. Our certified professionals guide and nurture your child's progress.

Discover the uniqueness of Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun. Rely on our expert staff to offer your child the nurturing, educational setting they need.

About Apple Tree Playhouse

Apple Tree Playhouse is a preschool in Yishun. It follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy in early childhood education. This school has a rich history of 30 years.

Our approach is child-centred. We strongly believe in focusing on the family. Our team is highly skilled and trusted in childcare.

At our school, we know how important it is to have trusted childcare experts. They must be well-qualified and experienced. Quality childcare starts with a dedicated team passionate about helping children develop.

Our Yishun childcare team has gone through serious qualification checks. This ensures they meet the highest care standards. Every staff member is trained in early childhood education, certified by Singapore's Ministry of Education.

"At Apple Tree Playhouse, we prioritize the well-being and development of every child under our care. Our dedicated team of qualified professionals is committed to creating a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment where children can learn and grow."

Early childhood education's strong foundation is key for future success. Our staff's expertise lets us provide a complete educational experience. This nurtures children's growth in cognitive, emotional, physical, and creative aspects.

Choosing Apple Tree Playhouse means your child is with trusted childcare experts in Yishun. They have the knowledge and commitment to offer quality care. We aim to meet and exceed parental expectations daily.

Innovative Curriculum at Apple Tree Playhouse

At Apple Tree Playhouse, we aim for a truly unique and inspiring curriculum. We are proud to be top Yishun childcare experts. Our program draws on the renowned Reggio Emilia approach. This approach focuses on child-led and hands-on learning.

Our team at reliable Yishun childcare is made of skilled childcare professionals. They love early education and are excellent at applying our innovative curriculum. This ensures each child gets the best learning experience.

By using the Reggio Emilia approach, we help kids explore their world. They learn by touching and seeing, boosting their thinking and problem-solving skills. This helps them grow into independent learners.

We mix in lots of fun activities and projects. Kids get to be creative and follow their interests. They might make art, do science projects, or play pretend. Our curriculum is diverse and rich.

We not only focus on learning through questions but also on growing as a whole person. We foster social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Our place is warm and welcoming, a space where kids are safe to try new things and learn from them.

We think our unique curriculum and devoted Yishun childcare staff lay the groundwork for a love of learning. Graduates from Apple Tree Playhouse leave with skills and confidence for the future.

"The curriculum is so engaging and allows my child to explore and discover new things every day. The teachers truly care about the children and their development." - Parent Testimonial

Benefits of our Innovative Curriculum:

Why Choose Apple Tree Playhouse:

  • Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Encourages creativity and self-expression

  • Supports social and emotional development

  • Fosters a love for learning

  • Experienced and reliable Yishun childcare team

  • Innovative and engaging curriculum

  • Safe and nurturing environment

  • Holistic approach to child development

Expressive Art and Design in the Curriculum

Apple Tree Playhouse believes in the power of creativity. Our curriculum includes Expressive Art and Design programs. This lets every child discover their artistic side and creative potential.

Art and design give kids a way to share their thoughts, make choices, and think deeply. Through art, they gain skills important for life, not just the art room. Skills like solving problems and paying attention are just the start.

The Benefits of Expressive Art and Design:

  • Critical thinking: Art activities push kids to think creatively and explore new ideas. They learn to understand visual info, see different viewpoints, and make creative choices.

  • Decision-making: In art and design, kids face many choices. Making these choices helps them become confident in their decisions and proud of their work.

  • Focus and concentration: Art requires focus, detail, and commitment. Kids learn to stay on task, which helps them concentrate better in all areas of life.

  • Self-expression: Art lets kids express their feelings and thoughts. It’s a safe way for them to share and communicate their emotions.

  • Confidence and self-esteem: Seeing their art come to life makes kids feel accomplished. This boosts their self-esteem and encourages them to try new things.

At Apple Tree Playhouse, skilled art teachers lead kids in many art activities. We make sure every child’s creativity is recognized and valued.

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." - Thomas Merton

We combine expressive art and design with our learning. This creates a full education experience. It helps grow creativity, innovation, and thinking skills in young learners.

Key Skills Developed through Art and Design Activities


Critical thinking and problem-solving

Enhances analytical skills and encourages creative problem-solving


Builds confidence in decision-making and fosters a sense of ownership

Focus and concentration

Improves attention span and ability to stay engaged in tasks


Provides a means for children to express their thoughts and emotions

Confidence and self-esteem

Boosts self-confidence and promotes a positive sense of self

Expressive art and design doesn’t just make life more interesting for kids. It also gives them skills that help in school, work, and life as they grow.

Learning Areas and Enrichment Programs

At Apple Tree Playhouse, we are all about giving each child a broad and rich education. Our team of Yishun childcare experts focuses on whole-child growth. We use a holistic learning approach.

Learning Areas

Our curriculum covers nine essential learning areas for a well-rounded education:

  1. Personal, Social, and Emotional Development: We help our students grow socially and emotionally. We teach them confidence, empathy, and how to bounce back from setbacks.

  2. Communication and Language Skills: Kids get better at talking and understanding through fun activities. This lays the groundwork for clear communication.

  3. Mathematical Concepts: Children learn math by doing and playing. This builds their thinking and problem-solving skills.

  4. Scientific Exploration: We spark curiosity and critical thinking. Kids explore science by doing experiments and making observations.

  5. Literacy and Language Development: Our focus is on creating a love for reading and words. Kids dive into a world filled with stories and languages.

  6. Creative Arts: Our arts program lets children express themselves, use their imagination, and try out different art forms.

  7. Physical Development and Well-being: We encourage healthy, active living with sports, yoga, and outdoor games.

  8. Technology and Digital Literacy: Age-appropriate tech tools are used to make learning fun. This also arms the kids with vital digital knowledge.

  9. Social Studies and Global Awareness: Children learn about various cultures and global issues, fostering respect and understanding for the world.

Enrichment Programs

Beyond our main curriculum, we offer extra activities to boost child development and meet individual interests:

  • Creative Writing

  • Expressive Art & Design

  • Music by Yamaha

  • Speech & Drama

Our skilled Yishun childcare team leads these programs. They are dedicated to unlocking every child's potential.

We aim to give kids a solid base for school success and a deep love for learning through our full curriculum and extra programs.

Nurturing Learning Environment

At Apple Tree Playhouse, we think it's key to have a caring place for kids to learn and grow. Our childcare team is filled with skilled people ready to make a safe space for kids. They want kids to learn in a fun way.

Our learning environment is designed with care to support our teaching values. We make sure every kid feels important and helped. Our team in Yishun knows how to meet different kids' needs. They make a place where all kids feel they belong and can learn about what they like.

"The environment is the third teacher."

We use the Reggio Emilia way of teaching. It says the place where kids learn is very important. We've made our spaces to make kids curious and think deeply. We have lots of tools and things for kids to learn by doing.

Child-Led Learning

Our team's know-how lets kids lead their own learning. They let kids try things out by themselves. By doing this, our team helps kids find their passions. This makes kids love learning.

Cultivating Positive Relationships

We think good relationships are key for kids to do well. Our Yishun team makes sure each kid feels supported and trusted. They really listen and guide kids in a caring way. This means every kid feels heard and valued.

Kids also learn to work together. This teaches them about being kind and understanding others. Through group work and talks, our team helps build a community feeling among the kids.

Key Features of our Nurturing Learning Environment


Safe and immersive space

Children feel secure and are more open to learning

Specially curated learning spaces

Encourages exploration, curiosity, and critical thinking

Child-led learning experiences

Children develop independence, decision-making, and problem-solving skills

Positive relationships and sense of belonging

Children thrive emotionally, socially, and academically

Collaborative learning and community building

Fosters social skills, empathy, and respect

Apple Tree Playhouse gives kids a place where they can be brave, bounce back, and love learning all their life. Join us at Apple Tree Playhouse for a caring and helpful education for your child.

Fees and Enrolment Information

At Apple Tree Playhouse, we have different childcare programs. They are designed to meet each child's needs. Our options range from playgroup to kindergarten.

Knowing every family is unique, we provide full and half-day sessions. This flexibility lets parents pick what works best for their kid.

best yishun childcare providers

Signing up your child at our center is straightforward. To understand our fees and how to join, consider visiting us. A school tour will show you around. You'll meet our Yishun childcare professionals. This visit will help you see how we support learning and growth.

Have questions? Or need more details? Please contact our team at +65 6271 6388. We're ready to help you choose what's best for your child's future.

A group of smiling Yishun childcare staff standing in front of a colorful and inviting play area, with toys and educational materials in the background. Some staff members are holding or interacting with young children, while others are busy organizing activities or cleaning up. The scene should convey a sense of warmth, professionalism, and trustworthiness, with the staff looking approachable and attentive to the children's needs. There could also be subtle visual cues that suggest the high quality of care and education provided by the center, such as books with colorful covers or posters featuring letters and numbers.

Importance of Childcare

Childcare is key for young children, offering a nurturing place to grow and learn. It greatly affects their thinking, social skills, and emotions. At Apple Tree Playhouse, we get how vital early learning is, along with having skilled childcare staff in Yishun.

Our team in Yishun is full of caring experts focused on children's well-being and development. They're skilled in early childhood education, making a secure, fun place for kids to learn and grow.

Quality childcare, like Apple Tree Playhouse provides, helps kids develop better mentally, socially, and emotionally. This prepares them for a brighter future.

Good childcare brings many benefits, such as better speaking and solving skills, and makes kids more social. Our Yishun staff have the right skills and knowledge to support these important learning stages, giving each child personalized care.

At Apple Tree Playhouse, we believe educating young children is a team effort with families. We keep in touch with parents to help reach their child's learning goals. Together, we create a supportive, whole-child focused environment.

Providing a Solid Foundation

Choosing quality childcare like Apple Tree Playhouse invests in your child's bright future. Our knowledgeable Yishun team provides educational and nurturing experiences.

We support early learning and ensure our environment welcomes all children. Our leading Yishun childcare experts use new teaching methods to enrich your child's learning.

The Impact of Experienced Childcare Staff in Yishun

Studies show experienced childcare staff have a lasting positive impact on kids' learning and social skills. With our Yishun childcare team, your child gets a chance to excel in a caring, rich setting.

Our staff are well-trained with early childhood education degrees. They offer suitable activities, encourage positive social interactions, and nurture your child's overall growth.

The Difference at Apple Tree Playhouse

Apple Tree Playhouse aims to be the first choice for parents who want dependable childcare in Yishun. We focus on a welcoming, inclusive place where every child feels significant.

Table: Benefits of Experienced Childcare Staff in Yishun



Individualized Care

Skilled childcare staff give personalized care to meet each child's unique needs.

Social and Emotional Development

Quality childcare helps children develop socially and emotionally, building resilience.

Academic Readiness

Skilled staff create engaging activities that prep kids for school.

Nurturing Environment

Dedicated childcare staff make a safe, learning-filled space for kids.

Picking Apple Tree Playhouse gives your child top-notch early education. Our devoted, skilled staff in Yishun focus on your child's development, laying a firm foundation for their future.

Benefits of Childcare for Young Children

Choosing childcare, like Apple Tree Playhouse, brings many gains for kids. Regular schedules help in their healthy growth. Plus, being in a good childcare impacts academic achievements positively. Kids learn to socialize and get ready for school by mixing with others at childcare.

Research says kids in great childcare in Yishun grow well mentally, socially, and emotionally. They get to play and learn in an ordered place. This helps them pick up key skills for future success.

"Childcare programs, like the one offered at Apple Tree Playhouse, provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children. Our reliable Yishun childcare team focuses on promoting holistic development, ensuring that children receive the care, attention, and opportunities they need to learn and grow."

Routines at childcare bring structure and comfort to kids. They feel more secure and trusting of their surroundings. Having a steady routine helps young ones feel safe.

Childcare also includes many activities that are key for growth. Kids get to play games, make art, tell stories, and do sensory play. Through these, they improve their motor skills, thinking, creativity, and imagination.

Another big part of childcare is playing and talking with other kids and adults. This teaches them how to communicate, share, and understand others. Group activities help them learn to work together and respect different views.

Benefits of Childcare for Young Children:

  1. Promotes healthy development through regular schedules and activities

  2. Enhances academic achievement through high-quality childcare

  3. Develops social skills and prepares children for formal schooling

  4. Establishes routines and promotes a sense of security

  5. Offers a wide range of activities for holistic development

  6. Provides opportunities for interaction with peers and adults

Picking a trusted childcare like Apple Tree Playhouse is wise for your child's growth. Our Yishun team is all about giving kids a caring and rich place to flourish. A top-notch childcare program is a great gift for your little one's early years.

Economic and Social Benefits for Parents

Childcare offers perks for kids and parents alike. Picking top Yishun childcare providers like Apple Tree Playhouse, parents get economic and social benefits. These come from dependable childcare teams.

Handing over their kid to a seasoned childcare center, parents can rest easy. They know their child is in a caring and safe place. With a trustworthy Yishun team, parents can concentrate on work, assured their child is well-cared for.

The chance for parents to mix with others at the childcare adds value. It helps in creating social bonds and a community feel. At Apple Tree Playhouse, parents meet others who prioritize their children's best care.

“Choosing the right childcare provider is a partnership between parents and the center. At Apple Tree Playhouse, we understand the importance of not only caring for the children but also supporting and involving parents in their child’s early years. Our trusted Yishun childcare professionals create a welcoming atmosphere conducive to building strong parent-teacher relationships and fostering a sense of community among families.”

The Social Benefits:

  • Opportunity to connect with other parents

  • Support from a network of like-minded individuals

  • Sharing experiences and gaining valuable insights from other parents

  • Feeling a sense of belonging and community

The Economic Benefits:

  • Peace of mind while parents work

  • Ability to focus on professional responsibilities

  • Access to reliable and trusted childcare services

  • High-quality care ensures children's well-being and development

Choosing top Yishun childcare options offers parents peace and social ties. With a reliable team like Apple Tree Playhouse, parents help create a caring and supportive space for their kids and themselves.

ertified yishun childcare professionals

Create an image of a group of young children happily playing and engaged in various educational activities under the attentive care of expert Yishun childcare staff. The staff should be shown interacting with the children in a warm and nurturing manner while maintaining a safe and stimulating environment. The setting should include bright, cheerful colors and child-friendly decor to convey a sense of fun and comfort. The overall image should communicate the idea of quality care being provided by the best Yishun childcare providers.

Find Childcare Staff Positions in Yishun

If you are interested in joining the childcare profession in Yishun, there are several positions available. Wharton Preschool, The Orange Tree Pre-school, and EtonHouse International Holdings are looking for assistant teachers and educators. They require applicants to have early childhood education qualifications.

Earning a position in Yishun's childcare sector offers a chance to impact young lives significantly. You can help shape their learning and development. Plus, you gain experience in the field of early childhood education.

Being part of a respected childcare team in Yishun allows you to apply your passion for teaching kids. Your skill and commitment can help create a fun and educational setting. Here, children have the opportunity to learn and grow.

If you are experienced or certified in Yishun's childcare, your role is crucial. You help provide quality education and care to kids. Your work supports their cognitive, social, and emotional growth in their early years.

Joining Yishun's team of childcare professionals means working with like-minded individuals. Together, you can offer a caring and engaging environment. It encourages each child's unique qualities and interests.

Do you have a passion for early childhood education? Want to make a difference in children's lives? Consider a career at one of Yishun's notable childcare centers. Contact Wharton Preschool, The Orange Tree Pre-school, or EtonHouse International Holdings today. These organizations value the well-being and growth of children.


At Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun, we're proud of our top-notch childcare. Our team of skilled and reliable childcare pros ensure kids get the best chance to grow. We focus on quality care, an innovative curriculum, and a nurturing environment.

Our dedicated childcare staff is here to give your child the personalized attention they need. They will develop crucial skills and reach their highest potential. Our team makes a safe and welcoming space for kids to explore, learn, and find the joy in discovering new things.

Enroll your child at Apple Tree Playhouse for a great start to their early years. With our reliable childcare experts, your child is in the best hands. Contact us today to visit and learn more about what we offer.


What qualifications do the childcare staff at Apple Tree Playhouse have?

At Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun, our staff are highly qualified. They have the right training and experience in early childhood education. This ensures they offer top care for your child.

What curriculum does Apple Tree Playhouse follow?

Our curriculum is based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy. It is a child-centered way of learning that encourages asking questions. This helps kids think critically and solve problems.

What enrichment programs are offered at Apple Tree Playhouse?

We offer extra programs like Creative Writing, Expressive Art & Design, and Music by Yamaha. Along with Speech & Drama, they help kids build their skills and interests.

What learning areas does Apple Tree Playhouse focus on?

We focus on nine key learning areas. These include Personal Development, Communication Skills, and Math Concepts, among others.

What is the fee structure at Apple Tree Playhouse?

Our fees vary based on the program and how long your child stays each day. We provide both full-day and half-day options. To find out more, please schedule a visit or contact us directly.

How does high-quality childcare impact a child's development?

Good childcare positively affects a child’s growth. It supports cognitive, social, and emotional growth. This environment helps kids develop well and get ready for school.

What are the benefits of childcare for young children?

Quality childcare, like ours, benefits kids in many ways. It offers structured schedules and activities. This nurtures healthy growth and helps kids learn how to be with others. It also preps them for school.

What are the economic and social benefits of childcare for parents?

Quality childcare allows parents to work without worry. It means their children are cared for and safe. It also helps parents connect with others, building a support network.

What childcare staff positions are available in Yishun?

If you're looking to work in childcare in Yishun, there are opportunities. Places like Wharton Preschool and The Orange Tree Pre-school are hiring. These jobs usually ask for early childhood education and training.



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