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Top Affordable Yishun Childcare Centers

Updated: Jun 5

Choosing the right childcare center is crucial. Parents weigh quality and cost heavily in their decision. Yishun, Singapore, offers affordable childcare centers that don't skimp on care or education. If you're looking for top preschools, low-cost centers, or childcare subsidies in Yishun, you're in the right place.

Let me share a story that shows the journey to finding an affordable childcare center in Yishun:

William and Sarah are a young couple in Yishun. They have a two-year-old daughter, Lily. Both work full-time and sought a dependable, yet affordable, childcare center for her. They wanted a place where Lily could learn and thrive.

They visited several centers, comparing costs and programs. Finding a center that fit their budget without sacrificing quality was key.

Soon, they found an article on the best affordable childcare centers in Yishun. They were excited about finding a reputable center that was both high-quality and affordable.

They discovered MindChamps PreSchool @ The Brooks II. It was rated highly and had programs like nature exploration and cognitive development. Best of all, its fees were within their budget.

William and Sarah looked at other affordable options mentioned in the article. Little Footprints Preschool and Little Petals Preschool both offered great programs at good prices. These centers were also promising for Lily.

William, Sarah, and Lily's story highlights the quest for top affordable childcare centers in Yishun. It shows that with guidance from articles like this, parents can find the right fit. This list aims to simplify your search in Yishun, helping you choose the best for your family.

affordable Yishun childcare centers

A colorful building with a spacious outdoor play area surrounded by trees and plants. Children of different ages are seen playing and having fun under the watchful eyes of caring and experienced teachers. The building has windows that allow natural light to shine through, giving it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The name and logo of the childcare center is displayed prominently at the front of the building.

MindChamps PreSchool @ The Brooks II

MindChamps PreSchool @ The Brooks II is known for its top-quality care in Yishun. It offers a place where young kids can learn and grow. The preschool is focused on nurturing all aspects of a child's abilities.

Here, kids get to experience the magic of nature and sharpen their speaking and reading. They also enjoy music and activities that boost brain power. This unique curriculum is aimed at stirring curiosity, creativity, and the ability to think deeply.

MindChamps PreSchool is also easy on the pocket. They make sure quality education is not expensive. With fees starting at S$1,995, it's a great option for families.

At this school, children are in good hands. A dedicated team works hard to help each child reach their full potential. They focus on helping kids grow in every way.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X

If you want an affordable yet outstanding preschool in Yishun, choose MindChamps PreSchool @ The Brooks II. It's a place where your child's future gets brighter.


Age Group

School Fees (per term)


2-3 years old


Kindergarten 1

4-5 years old


Kindergarten 2

5-6 years old


Little Footprints Preschool

Little Footprints Preschool is a renowned childcare center in Yishun. They aim to develop children in all areas with their broad curriculum. This helps kids grow into well-rounded individuals.

  • Art: Little Footprints Preschool boosts creativity and self-expression through art activities.

  • Technology: They use technology in teaching, helping kids discover innovation.

  • Language Development: The center boosts language skills with interactive programs.

  • Movement: Physical activity is key, so they have structured movement programs.

  • Social Skills: The preschool helps kids build social skills and relationships.

What makes Little Footprints Preschool stand out is their affordability. School fees are set between S$540 and S$1,200. This makes it a great, budget-friendly option for Yishun parents.

Parent Testimonial

"Little Footprints Preschool has been a game-changer for us. Their enriching curriculum and affordable prices have eased our childcare costs. We're thankful for their support in our child's growth and well-being."

Little Petals Preschool

Little Petals Preschool in Yishun offers a caring and rich learning space for kids. Our skilled teachers are all about early education. They work hard to give each child a well-rounded learning experience.

Our school has many special programs to meet our students' diverse needs and interests. Kids get to enjoy speech and drama, music, and digital learning fun. These activities boost their creativity, communication, and brain power.

We know that keeping education affordable in Yishun matters to families. So, we set our fees to ensure everyone can access top-notch preschool learning. We aim to give every kid a strong start in life at a reasonable cost.

Every child at our school gets the personalized care and attention they need to do well. Our teachers make sure the environment is warm, welcoming, and safe. This helps kids to feel supported and eager to learn. We focus on building good relationships with our students and their families for a solid early foundation.

"At Little Petals Preschool, we are committed to providing a nurturing and enriching environment that sparks a love for learning in young minds."

Why Choose Little Petals Preschool?

  • Affordable fees that make quality preschool education accessible

  • Specialized programs in speech and drama, music and movement, and interactive multimedia learning

  • A team of dedicated and experienced educators

  • A nurturing and inclusive learning environment

  • Strong emphasis on building positive relationships with students and families

Looking for affordable, quality childcare in Yishun? Check out Little Petals Preschool. Reach out to us to find out more about our programs and how to enroll.

inexpensive child care Yishun

Create an image of a group of happy children playing and learning in a bright and colorful Yishun childcare center. The center should have an affordable and welcoming atmosphere, with cozy play areas, educational toys, and comfortable furniture. Show diversity among the children, representing different races and cultures, and highlight the caring staff members who are engaged with the children's activities. Use warm colors and natural lighting to convey a safe and nurturing environment.


Monthly Fee



Kindergarten 1


Kindergarten 2


The Little Skool-House

The Little Skool-House is an esteemed childcare center in Yishun. It offers programs like infant care and preschool. These are for working parents needing affordable childcare.

This center stands out by creating a nurturing space for kids to learn through experience. Its curriculum promotes active learning, allowing kids to explore and do hands-on activities.

A key focus at The Little Skool-House is on mastering languages. They aim for high English and Mandarin proficiency. This bilingual method prepares children well for future learning.

The center enhances learning with various enrichment programs. Kids can delve into music, arts, and physical education. This lets them discover interests and talents.

Convenient Locations and Affordable Fees

With several locations in Yishun, The Little Skool-House is easy for local parents to reach. This convenience helps families smoothly manage home and childcare routines.

The center works to be affordable for different budgets. Competitive fees and subsidy schemes are available. These help parents manage the costs better.


Monthly Fee

Infant Care (2 months - 18 months)

$1,500 - $1,700

Nursery (18 months - 3 years)

$1,050 - $1,350

Kindergarten (3 years - 6 years)

$950 - $1,150

At The Little Skool-House, the focus is on quality care and education. But they also keep it affordable. It's a place where children's growth and learning are nurtured.

Choosing the right care for your child is important. The Little Skool-House offers great care and education. Your child will be well-prepared for the future here.

Other Affordable Yishun Childcare Centers

Besides the ones mentioned, Yishun offers more childcare options that are both reliable and affordable. They provide good programs and help with costs. Some places to consider include:

  • Apple Tree Playhouse: Located at 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central Community Club), Singapore. Contact number: +65 6271 6388.

  • Learning Vision: Various locations in Yishun. Contact details can be found on their website.

  • My First Skool: Multiple branches in Yishun. Contact details can be found on their website.

These spots aim for both affordability and high-quality care. They have many programs and fun activities. All this happens in a caring place for kids to grow.

Childcare Center


Contact Number

Apple Tree Playhouse

1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central Community Club), Singapore

+65 6271 6388

Learning Vision

Various locations in Yishun

Contact details on their website

My First Skool

Multiple branches in Yishun

Contact details on their website

These places make sure you get your money's worth without lowering care or education quality. It's a good idea to visit, talk to the staff, and see the place. This helps you choose the best place for your child's first steps in learning.

Choosing the Right Affordable Yishun Childcare Center

Looking for an affordable childcare center in Yishun needs attention to details. Evaluating several factors helps you pick the best preschool. This ensures it fits your budget and meets your child’s needs.


The center’s location matters for convenience. Choose one near your home or work. This reduces travel stress for both you and your child.


Look at the fees of various centers in Yishun. Although the price is key, the quality of care and education shouldn’t be compromised.


The curriculum is crucial for your child’s growth. It should cover cognitive, social, and emotional areas. Find a program that offers a holistic educational approach.


It’s a good idea to visit the centers yourself. You want a place that’s safe and boosts learning. Check for good play areas and equipment.

Parent Reviews

Reading reviews or asking other parents can help. Their experiences give insights on care and education quality. This might help you decide.

affordable daycare in Yishun

Making the right choice requires looking into several things. Consider the location, fees, curriculum, and facilities. Don't forget to check parent reviews. This way, you can choose wisely for your budget and your child’s needs.

An aerial view of Yishun with several colorful buildings lined up representing different affordable childcare centers. Each building has a unique design, and there are small gardens surrounding them. In the foreground, there are parents with young children walking towards the childcare centers. The sky is bright and clear, indicating it's a beautiful day.

Childcare Center





Parent Reviews

MindChamps PreSchool @ The Brooks II



Specialized programs

High-quality facilities

Positive reviews

Little Footprints Preschool



Art and technology focus

Nurturing environment

Happy parents

Little Petals Preschool



Specialized programs

Nurturing environment

Positive feedback

The Little Skool-House



Experiential learning

Conducive environment

Satisfied parents

Applying for Yishun Childcare Subsidies

Families in Yishun who need help paying for childcare can get government subsidies. These subsidies make it easier for low-income families to afford good childcare. To learn more, visit government websites or talk to the childcare centers.

The Yishun Childcare Subsidy helps families get quality childcare. It eases the financial stress on low-income families. This way, kids get the care and education they need to do well.

Whether you get a Yishun Childcare Subsidy depends on your income, how many people depend on you, and your child's age. If your family doesn't make much money, you should apply. These subsidies can cut your childcare costs and improve access to quality care.

To apply for subsidies in Yishun, go to the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) or the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) websites. You'll find out what you need to apply and how to do it there.

Be ready when you apply for a subsidy. Collect all your important papers like income proof, IDs, and other documents. Following the agencies' steps will help you get through the process easily.

Benefits of Yishun Childcare Subsidies

The Yishun Childcare Subsidy and other help have many benefits for low-income families:

  • Financial Relief: These subsidies make childcare more affordable, easing the financial strain on families.

  • Access to Quality Care: Subsidies let families use well-respected childcare centers that offer great programs and meet high standards.

  • Educational Opportunities: Good childcare programs help with a child's growth and learning. They build a strong base for their future learning.

  • Support for Working Parents: Subsidies allow parents to work and know their kids are in good hands, getting quality care and education.

Remember, childcare subsidies are checked and updated from time to time. Stay current with the latest info and reapply when needed. This ensures your family keeps getting help.

Using Yishun childcare subsidies, low-income families can give their kids quality care and a good start in school. This sets them on a path to a bright and successful future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Looking for info on affordable Yishun childcare centers? We've got you covered! Discover answers to common questions about how to sign up, subsidy qualifications, and more below.

1. Are there any affordable childcare options in Yishun?

Yes! Yishun has many affordable childcare centers that offer great programs without breaking the bank. These places care a lot about your child's growth and your wallet.

2. How do I enroll my child in a Yishun childcare center?

Different childcare centers in Yishun have their own signup processes. The best approach is to call the centers you're interested in. They'll walk you through the steps and tell you what paperwork you need.

3. Is financial assistance available for Yishun childcare?

Yes, Yishun offers subsidies and financial aid for childcare. This assistance makes quality care more budget-friendly for those who qualify. To get details on subsidies and how to apply, visit government sites or contact the childcare centers.

4. How can I determine if a Yishun childcare center is reputable?

Doing your homework is key when picking a childcare center. Look at reviews from other parents, take a tour, and watch how they run the place. Tips from people you trust, like friends or family, can also point you in the right direction.

5. What are the typical operating hours of Yishun childcare centers?

Opening times differ across Yishun childcare spots. Some are open all day, while others might have part-day or flexible hours. Always check with the center to see if they fit your schedule.

Pro Tip:When on the hunt for affordable childcare in Yishun, look at the location, fees, what they teach, the facilities, and feedback from parents. A bit of research and visiting in person can help you choose the best option for your child and budget.

For added details, please see the FAQs above. We hope this guide assists you in finding the right affordable childcare for your family in Yishun!

Contact Information for Apple Tree Playhouse

For details on Apple Tree Playhouse and their pocket-friendly childcare, reach out directly:

Company Name

Apple Tree Playhouse


No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central Community Club), Singapore


+65 6271 6388


This article covered affordable childcare centers in Yishun, like MindChamps PreSchool @ The Brooks II and others. Parents have good options for quality programs at friendly prices. It's key to do your homework, check out these centers, and think about what your child needs.

Choosing one of the Yishun childcare centers mentioned doesn't mean sacrificing quality for cost. You're looking at solid programs and caring environments. They even offer bilingual learning for those interested.

Looking for affordable childcare in Yishun ends here with great choices. These centers balance quality care and manageable fees well. Choose wisely considering your child's needs, and look forward to a bright future for them.


How can I find affordable childcare centers in Yishun?

To find affordable childcare in Yishun, research well, visit centers, and check out location, fees, and reviews from parents.

What are some of the best affordable preschools in Yishun?

In Yishun, top affordable preschools include MindChamps PreSchool @ The Brooks II and Little Footprints Preschool. Little Petals Preschool and The Little Skool-House are great options too.

What are the fees for preschool programs at MindChamps PreSchool @ The Brooks II?

The preschool program fees at MindChamps PreSchool @ The Brooks II start at S$1,995. This covers from nursery to kindergarten.

How much are the school fees at Little Footprints Preschool?

At Little Footprints Preschool, fees vary from S$540 to S$1,200. This depends on the program you choose.

What specialized programs does Little Petals Preschool offer?

Little Petals Preschool has special programs like speech and drama. They also offer music and movement, along with interactive multimedia learning.

What programs are offered at The Little Skool-House in Yishun?

The Little Skool-House has programs for infants and preschoolers. They focus on hands-on learning and mastery of English and Mandarin.

Are there other affordable childcare centers in Yishun?

Yes, Yishun has other affordable childcare options such as Apple Tree Playhouse, Learning Vision, and My First Skool.

What factors should I consider when choosing an affordable childcare center in Yishun?

Choose an affordable childcare center in Yishun by considering its location, fees, what it teaches, its facilities, and feedback from parents.

Can I apply for childcare subsidies in Yishun?

Yes, Yishun families can get childcare subsidies. These help lower-income families afford quality childcare.

How do I apply for childcare subsidies in Yishun?

To apply for subsidies in Yishun, check the criteria and process. Visit government sites or talk to the childcare centers for details.

How can I contact Apple Tree Playhouse for more information?

For details on Apple Tree Playhouse and their services, call them at +65 6271 6388.



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