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Welcome! Thank you for dropping by.  We hope that you will enjoy learning about Apple Tree Playhouse.  We are a preschool inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy in early childhood education. An architect-designed environment where children’s abilities and natural aptitudes are nurtured.


Started as a playgroup in 1989, our rich 30-year history has given us a solid grip of the progress of the early years foundation stage to expand into a pre-school/childcare setting.  Childcare Yishun Singapore daily practices are guided by child-centred principles and anchored by our strong belief in family centricity and community wellness. 


The vision of Childcare Yishun is to be an important part of the life of every one of our young students and their families in contributing to their development of minds, building of characters and creation of community.



We offer an innovative and inspiring approach to early childhood education.  Our Reggio Emilia inspired, inquiry-based curriculum, emphasises on child-initiative learning.  Our caring teachers encourage and motivate students to explore, investigate and manipulate objects and ideas.  Thus, maximises the potential of our students to become active learner based on their interests and strength. 

The inclusion of Expressive Art in our curriculum:

 We believe every child is an “artist” whose creative potential can be harnessed.  Expressive Art and Design programs ultimately help students:

  • to excel in other academic areas,

  • to improve memory and concentration skills,

  • to develop decision-making and critical thinking skills,

  • to encourage novelty and nonlinear thinking,

  • to focus and discipline


These are skills that can be used not only in the academic settings but in the professional world as well.

Yishun Childcare Centre

9 learning areas

prime areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Communication and Language skills

  • Physical Development

specific areas:

  • Expressive Arts and Design

  • Discover/Understanding and appreciating the world/environment

  • Mathematical Concepts

  • Literacy Knowledge and Skills

  • Analytical and Critical thinking

  • Problem Solving

Best Childcare in Yishun


• Creative Writing (English & Mandarin)

• Expressive Art & Design

• Music by Yamaha

• Speech & Drama

Childcare Yishun

Preschool Yishun Singapore offers an architect-designed learning environment that incorporates our pedagogy values.  A palette of materials and textures that have been chosen for their specific properties for learning. With the support of our dedicated team of supportive teachers and given the chance to delve into an immersive and specifically prepared, safe learning environment, children are encouraged to bring out the best in them, that their confidence for learning is increasingly built in the learning process.

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Fees 2023




emergency care

(exclusive of govt subsidy and gst)

7am – 7pm

(exclusive of govt subsidy and gst)

7am – 1pm or 1pm– 7pm

(exclusive of govt subsidy and gst)

7am – 7pm

Nursery 1



emergency care

(exclusive of govt subsidy and gst)

7am – 7pm

(exclusive of govt subsidy and gst)

7am – 1pm or 1pm– 7pm

(exclusive of gst)

7am – 7pm

Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 & 2



emergency care

(exclusive of govt subsidy and gst)

7am – 7pm

(exclusive of govt subsidy and gst)

7am – 1pm or 1pm– 7pm

(exclusive of gst)

7am – 7pm

Schedule a School Tour with us!

Discover the joy and wonder of inquiry based learning and play in our specially designed and curated environment for your child!

To book a School Tour, kindly fill up the form here or email us at

Contact us for more information, drop us a call or text at 6271 6388 or 8128 3810.

Best Preschool Yishun Childcare Centre Northpoint Singapore

what is child care?

Child care or daycare is a method of supervising a child or multiple children at a time. Here at Childcare Yishun Singapore, we tend to children aged 18 months to 6 years old. Child care is the skill and act of looking after children at a day-care facility with the help of our team of supportive teachers and careers.

Child care is a wide topic that involves a wide set of institutions, professionals, contexts, activities, as well as social and cultural organizations. Child care at an early age is a very crucial, yet often overlooked factor of child development.


Providers of Best Childcare in Yishun can serve as the young children’s first teachers, hence, they play an important role in the early childhood development and education system. Very young children who receive stable quality care are known to be more successful in the future. The Childcare Yishun Singapore’s main focus is on child development in mental, psychological and social aspects.

Best Childcare in Yishun

what is the effect of child care to behavior and development of a child?

Asking what the effects of Childcare Yishun are to a child’s development and behavior is like asking what effects parenting has to a child. To answer this question, child care has various measurable effects. While there are some negative effects, parents can note that the positive effects are outstanding. Regardless, the effects of childcare relies on the type and quality of the care provided. The amount spent in child care will also affect the outcome. Considering these, we can see that it is very much like parenting itself.


Experts agree that the type and quality of care this PreSchool Northpoint offer can definitely influence various development aspects. Child development, including memory, language, school readiness, proficiency in math and reading, social skills, relationship with parents and teachers, behavioral adjustments and early work habits. These are important because we know that in many domains, young children with these developed aspects can grow up to be a highly stable, not to mention enduring, young adults.

child care contact number

Good Childcare in Yishun

benefits of child care for young children

For most parents, child care like the Childcare Yishun is a necessity. This is because many families need two incomes to be financially stable or be able to get by at least. Many parents have made the choice of combining family life and work, which will be of the benefit of all family members. 


Parents may find it stressful to not be able to do it all. But, they can make the Best Preschool in Yishun a viable option. Opting for Daycare Yishun gives long lasting benefits not only to kids, but to parents, as well. The benefits include social, academic, and economic nature. Several Childcare Yishun Reviews show that children as young as 6 months of age, can benefit from a child care environment, as long as the facility provides quality structure, instruction, and social lessons.


Here are some of the benefits of sending your kids to Childcare Yishun Singapore:

1. regular schedule and activities

The best childcare in Yishun has regular schedules, even for young kids. They may not be aware of the time, but they are given with scheduled activities like storytelling, songs, and the like. These fun tasks are crucial to the growth and development of toddlers, particularly in the intellectual and social aspects.


The scheduled activities at the Best Preschool in Yishun also help parents have the peace of mind while they are away. Moreover, kids’ behavior are less likely to be erratic because they’ve had structured eating, playing, and napping time before the day ends.


2. academic achievement

There was a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in the USA, in which they found that children who attended high-quality child care like the Childcare Yishun Centre during their early years achieve higher academic and cognitive levels as they become teens. High-quality child care, according to them, is a facility that offers extensive teacher-child interaction, support, as well as activities that boost the children’s cognitive development. That is why sending them to Childcare Northpoint is one of the best things to do.


3. interaction with other children at preschool yishun

Daycare interaction at Preschool Yishun Singapore is like regular playdates that parents usually arrange with neighbors and families. The interaction between kids at the center allows the children to spend time around other kids in a safe, structured, and supervised environment. During these activities, children learn how to solve problems, share and play together. These are important while the minds and personalities are still developing.


4. interaction with other adults

While children are still very young, their idea of adults mostly rely on their parents and other older family members. At childcare, the children will have an opportunity to see other adults as authority figures who are able to give them positive guidance.


5. smoother kindergarten transition

According to a study, parents who put their children in daycare like Childcare Yishun Centre, get more involved in their kids’ school life and activities as their children grow older. The choice of putting your child to Childcare Northpoint won’t only benefit the parents, but the child as well, as the  child’s academic life becomes more structured and well-rounded. Therefore, kids who have gone to daycare find it easier to adjust once they are enrolled to formal schooling. This is especially noticed during the Childcare Yishun Review.


6. economic and social benefits for parents

While it may seem like an anxiety-inducing decision, putting your child to Daycare Yishun will benefit parents not only economically because they will be able to work, but in social angle as well. One benefit is the social interaction the parents have while dropping their children in. Their little time talking with other parents allow them to gain what you call a social capital, giving them a sense of community.


Parents who decided to have their kids in Preschool Yishun child care are also less likely to experience depression. Plus, they can go to work so they become more financially capable, too.

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