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Yishun Infant Care Options: Best Choices for Your Tot

Yishun Infant Care Options: Best Choices for Your Tot

Being a parent is tough and costly. Yet, it brings immense joy. Many parents work and need help with childcare and home tasks. In response, infant care programmes have appeared. They offer specialized care for kids. Picking the right yishun infant care options is crucial for child development, especially for early intervention needs.

factors to consider in infant care

I'll share a story of my own. When my husband and I had our first child, we faced a big challenge. We needed the best infant care in Yishun for our baby. We wanted a place that was nurturing and would help our child grow. After many visits and research, we found the perfect center for us.

Yishun offers many infant care options. It's key to think about location, curriculum, facilities, and cost. Yishun centres have full or half-day programs and flexible care to fit your schedule. The aim is to match your child's needs with your family's values and preferences.

Next, we’ll look at different infant care sites in Yishun. We'll discuss important things to consider for your child's care choice. Whether you want top quality or budget-friendly options, this guide will help. It aims to find the right program for your child's growth and learning.

When Can You Register for Infant Care in Singapore?

In Singapore, parents worry about when to enroll their infants in care. Luckily, they can start from when their kids are just two months old. This helps give the kids early support and care they need. Childcare centers offer programs for kids from two to 17 or 18 months old, based on the center's rules.

Childcare centers usually have programs for different age groups, including infants. It's key to remember that after 18 months, kids move from infant care to preschool. This shift focuses on new milestones and educational activities.

Subsidies for Infant Care

Infant care demands more from teachers because it's for younger kids. The staff-to-child ratio is 1:5, unlike preschool’s 1:8. This is why infant care costs more than programs for older kids.

But, there’s help available to cut costs. Singapore citizen children in ECDA-licensed centers get a Basic Subsidy. This subsidy for infant care is $600. Eligible families can get even more help with an Additional Subsidy. These subsidies go straight to the center.

After subsidies, parents pay the remaining amount. They can use the child’s Child Development Account (CDA) too.

infant care subsidies

These government subsidies lighten the financial load for families. They make sure more kids can get quality care. Thanks to these subsidies, parents can give their kids a great start in life.

Cost of Private Infant Care

Private infant care can be expensive, but many parents choose it for the special care it offers. Costs at private facilities are typically around $2,000 a month. This provides a safe and caring place for babies. But remember, prices can change depending on the provider, sometimes reaching over $4,000 a month.

Tots & Teddles is known for its infant care at about $2,289 a month (after a $600 basic subsidy and including GST). This center focuses on your child's growth and health, offering a solid curriculum and skilled caregivers. Likewise, MindChamps charges between $2,415 and $2,615 in 2022, and $2,585 to $2,785 in 2023. They are known for excellent care and creative educational programs.

Selecting private infant care in Singapore means paying more. But it also means getting personal care and better facilities for your child's needs. While the cost is a big consideration, the advantages and value of private infant care should also be weighed.

Comparison of Private Infant Care Fees

Childcare Center

Monthly Fee (After Subsidy)

Tots & Teddles


MindChamps (2022)

$2,415 - $2,615

MindChamps (2023)

$2,585 - $2,785

When picking private infant care, think about your budget and what each center offers for your child's learning and growing. Talk to potential providers to learn about their charges, services, and how they can help in your child's early years.

Factors To Consider When Looking for an Infant Care Programme

Choosing the right infant care for your child is crucial. You must think about several important factors. This way, you can pick a programme that fits your child's needs and your hopes.

  1. Location: The centre's location is key. It should be easy to get to from your home or work. This makes dropping off and picking up your child easy.

  2. Cost: How much you can spend on care is important. Set your budget and look at the costs of different programmes. Find one that you can afford.

  3. Teacher-Child Ratio: A low teacher-child ratio means more attention for each child. Choose a programme that offers this. It ensures personalized care and support for your child.

  4. Types of Programmes: There are many approaches to infant care. Think about what each programme offers. Pick one that matches what you want for your child's early learning.

  5. Infant Care Hours: Look at the centre's hours. They should fit with your schedule. This makes dropping off and picking up hassle-free.

  6. Age Group for Infant Care: Check the allowed age range at the centre. Ensure your child is the right age. Some centres have strict age limits.

By looking at these factors closely, you can find an infant care programme that supports your child's growth in the best way.

factors to consider in infant care

Best Infant Care Programmes in Yishun

If you're a parent in Yishun looking for top infant care, you're in luck! Yishun has a range of recommended programs focusing on your child's well-being and growth. Some of the best options include:

Agape Little Uni

Agape Little Uni is a well-known name in infant care. It focuses on interactions and relationships with children and their families. It provides a caring environment and a dedicated team, ensuring each child thrives.

Cherie Hearts

Cherie Hearts is highly respected for its preschool programs. It nurtures each child's unique potential through a holistic approach. The curriculum includes academics, character building, and social skills.

E-Bridge by Etonhouse

E-Bridge by Etonhouse offers quality yet affordable early childhood services. As part of the Anchor Operator scheme, it creates a nurturing space for learning and growth. With a holistic focus, E-Bridge readies children for future academic achievements.

Yishun boasts several top-notch infant care programmes. Each one provides its unique approach to early education. They are dedicated to offering a safe and supportive environment for your child's development.

Apple Tree Playhouse: A Trusted Infant Care Option in Yishun

Looking for trusted infant care in Yishun? Apple Tree Playhouse is your go-to. Known for excellent infant care, it provides a warm, stimulating environment for kids.

Apple Tree Playhouse's curriculum supports each child's all-around growth. This includes physical, thinking, and social skills. Experienced educators give each child personalized care and attention.

The center has safe learning materials and play spaces. It's designed for kids to explore and learn. Apple Tree Playhouse aims to help children reach their full potential.

Parents trust Apple Tree Playhouse for their children's care. Its team puts children's well-being and growth first. They ensure a safe, nurturing space for learning and fun.

If you're looking for reliable infant care in Yishun, consider Apple Tree Playhouse. They offer quality care, a holistic curriculum, and top facilities. They're dedicated to giving kids a great start in life.


"Our experience with Apple Tree Playhouse has been exceptional. Not only did our child thrive in their care, but we also appreciated the individualized attention and nurturing environment they provided." - Parent A
"I can't recommend Apple Tree Playhouse enough. The staff is dedicated, and their focus on holistic development sets them apart from other infant care options in Yishun." - Parent B

Programs Offered


Age Group

Infant Care

2 to 18 months

Toddler Care

18 months to 3 years


3 to 6 years

Contact Apple Tree Playhouse

If you want to sign your child up for infant care at Apple Tree Playhouse, here’s how to reach them:

Company Name

Apple Tree Playhouse


No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central Community Club), Singapore 768019


+65 6271 6388


Finding the right infant care in Yishun is key for parents. Look at location, cost, curriculum, and reputation. Do your homework and check out places in person. This helps make sure your child gets top care and learning early on.

Apple Tree Playhouse is a top pick in Yishun. It offers a caring and lively place for kids. With great staff, a full curriculum, and a modern facility, Apple Tree Playhouse is a smart pick for parents wanting the best for their kids in Yishun.

When looking at infant care in Yishun, quality is vital. Think about location, cost, curriculum, and how well-known the place is. Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun gives kids a caring and engaging world. It focuses on all-around growth and kids’ happiness. For trusted care and learning, Apple Tree Playhouse is a go-to for Yishun parents.


When can I register my child for infant care in Singapore?

You can start registering your child as early as two months old.

What is the age range for most infant care programs?

Infant care programs usually welcome kids from two to 18 months old.

Are there government subsidies available for infant care?

Yes, government subsidies are available. They help make infant care more affordable. Families with Singaporean children in licensed centers get a subsidy.

How much does private infant care cost?

Costs vary, with private care around $2,000 monthly. Some places may charge over $4,000.

What factors should I consider when looking for an infant care program?

Consider the program's location, cost, and teacher-child ratio. Look at the types of programs, care hours, and the age group covered.

Which are the best infant care programs in Yishun?

Top picks in Yishun include Agape Little Uni, Cherie Hearts, and E-Bridge by Etonhouse.

Why is Apple Tree Playhouse a trusted infant care option in Yishun?

Apple Tree Playhouse offers a nurturing, stimulating environment. It has a strong curriculum and qualified teachers.

How can I contact Apple Tree Playhouse for more information?

Contact them at Apple Tree Playhouse, No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central Community Club), Singapore 768019, Phone: +65 6271 6388.

What should I consider when choosing the right infant care in Yishun?

Look at the location, cost, curriculum, and reputation. They’re vital for your child's care and education.

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