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Top Yishun Preschool Programs for Early Learning

The early years are vital for a child's growth. In this phase, they start to explore, learn, and shape their personalities. Picking the right preschool in Yishun is key for their academic and personal success later.

Imagine it’s a sunny morning. You are walking with your child to their first day at preschool. As you get closer, you see happy, playing kids. Their excitement makes you look forward to what your child will learn.

yishun preschool programs

A group of preschoolers engaged in hands-on learning activities at a Yishun preschool program. The children are exploring different textures and materials, such as sensory bins, playdough, and building blocks. Some children are working collaboratively to construct towers while others are independently creating their own designs. The classroom is bright and colorful, with posters and decorations promoting early childhood education and development.

Once inside, friendly teachers welcome you. The classes are colorful and full of learning tools and toys. The place is buzzing with energy.

Soon, your child starts making friends and trying out different activities. They experiment, craft, and play pretend. Every day, they discover and grow more.

These Yishun preschools focus on creating a supportive space for kids. Their programs aim to boost early reading, math, social skills, and thinking. Kids learn through play, developing a passion for learning and a strong knowledge base.

Finding the best preschool in Yishun is vital for top-notch education. Next, we'll look at some leading preschools in Yishun. They offer diverse curriculums, play-based learning, and activities for well-rounded development.

Little Footprints Preschool

At Little Footprints Preschool, we believe in nurturing young minds. We aim to spark a love for learning through play and exploration. Our classrooms and special areas let kids dive into hands-on activities. This helps them grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically.

We use play-based learning to drive children's curiosity and creativity. Through play, kids explore, solve problems, and gain critical life skills. Our curriculum covers language, math, science, arts, and social skills.

"At Little Footprints Preschool, we create a safe and supportive learning environment where children can flourish and reach their full potential."

We build strong foundations for future success. Our teachers focus on each child's strengths and interests. They offer guidance and support all along. We work closely with parents for a smooth learning journey for the kids.

At Little Footprints Preschool, every child's well-being and happiness come first. We aim to be a warm and welcoming place. Here, kids feel valued, respected, and excited to learn.

Why Choose Little Footprints Preschool?

  • Play-based learning approach

  • Spacious classrooms and dedicated learning areas

  • Focused on holistic development

  • Experienced and dedicated teachers

  • Emphasis on building strong foundations for future learning

  • Warm and welcoming community

Skool4Kidz Preschool

Skool4Kidz Preschool is a well-known early education center in Yishun. It offers programs that focus on the whole development of a child. The school uses play-based learning to create a warm place for kids to learn and grow.

Technology is a big part of the curriculum here. Kids get to try basic coding, which helps them with STEM skills. This not only makes them smart but also ready for the tech-savvy world.

The teaching method here makes kids curious and eager to learn. They learn to ask questions and find their own answers. This builds their problem-solving skills and their love for learning.

Skool4Kidz doesn't just focus on subjects like math or science. They also help kids grow socially and emotionally. They teach important life skills that help children succeed in school and in life.

"Skool4Kidz Preschool has truly improved how my child sees learning. The playful approach and tech in lessons are great. My child has grown academically and in problem-solving. I suggest Skool4Kidz to all parents looking for a complete preschool in Yishun."- Parent Review

Little Green House

At Little Green House, we focus on giving kids a complete learning experience from a young age. Our Yishun preschool balances book learning with creative activities. This ensures children get a well-rounded education.

Our Literacy SMART program is designed to unlock every child's potential. It nurtures a passion for learning and critical thinking. In this supportive space, kids can explore, try new things, and grow.

Our teachers are dedicated to making learning fun and meaningful. They pay attention to the needs and interests of each child. Through diverse activities and hands-on learning, we help kids learn important skills.

At Little Green House, we see early learning as key to a child's future success. As a trusted preschool in Yishun, our goal is to provide an uplifting and rich learning environment. We aim to set the stage for a lifetime of learning.

Come join us at Little Green House! Start your child off on an exciting educational journey!

Facilities and Amenities at Little Green House

Our Yishun preschool offers top-notch facilities for a great learning environment:

  • Spacious and well-designed classrooms

  • Outdoor play areas with safety measures

  • Library and reading corners

  • Science and exploration areas

  • Art and creativity spaces

These areas help children develop various skills. They offer many activities that make learning fun and engaging.

First Steps Preschool

At First Steps Preschool, we focus on giving your child a solid start. Our programs are built on expert knowledge in child development. This ensures that each child gets a top-notch education.

Learning through play is key in the young years. Our curriculum encourages kids to learn by exploring, discovering, and thinking critically. Kids get to do hands-on activities and interactive experiences. This helps them connect with the world and grow important skills.

We offer a warm and caring space for children to gain confidence, independence, and social skills. Our teachers work hard to keep a safe and engaging environment. They aim to help every child grow in every way.

First Steps Preschool is known for its quality in Yishun. We care deeply about all-around growth for every child. We make sure they get all the care and attention they need.

Looking for a preschool that values learning through play? First Steps Preschool is a great option. Start your child's education journey with us. Our programs cover everything they need for a great start.

Why Choose First Steps Preschool?

  • Expertise of child development professionals

  • Emphasis on play-based learning

  • Promotion of discovery, exploration, and critical thinking skills

  • Nurturing and supportive environment

  • Dedicated and caring teachers

Be part of First Steps Preschool. We're ready to support your child's early education and development.



Expertly designed curriculum

Ensures comprehensive learning and development

Play-based learning approach

Promotes creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking

Nurturing and supportive environment

Boosts confidence, independence, and social skills

Qualified and caring teachers

Provide personalized attention and guidance

Reputation as a reputable preschool in Yishun

Assures quality education and care

MOE Kindergarten

MOE Kindergarten in Yishun is a top preschool program. It follows the Nurturing Early Learners Framework from the Ministry of Education. This program focuses on the complete growth of kids, giving them a strong start in their learning journey.

The curriculum covers literacy, numeracy, social skills, and character building. It uses a play-based approach for learning. This allows kids to engage in activities that boost their critical thinking, creativity, and ability to solve problems.

Kids at MOE Kindergarten are encouraged to explore and love learning. They experience a caring environment. Here, they can make friends and connect with their teachers.

The kindergarten has dedicated and skilled teachers. They ensure every child's learning needs are addressed. They use teaching methods that suit each child's unique way of learning.

"MOE Kindergarten prioritizes the holistic development of children, preparing them for a seamless transition to primary school."

Parents can rest easy knowing MOE Kindergarten maintains a high standard of early childhood education. The program aims to keep up with the changing needs of young learners. It prepares them with skills for future success.

The Nurturing Early Learners Framework

The Nurturing Early Learners Framework guides early childhood educators in Singapore. It points out crucial development areas, learning outcomes, and teaching methods for the curriculum.

Under this framework, MOE Kindergarten gives children a comprehensive education. This readies them for academic challenges ahead. The curriculum encourages active learning, creativity, and social-emotional growth.

MOE Kindergarten combines teacher-led activities and child-started play. This creates an ideal learning setting where kids can flourish and achieve their best.

Key Features of MOE Kindergarten


Holistic Development

Children develop key skills in literacy, numeracy, social skills, and character development.

Play-Based Learning

Children engage in hands-on activities that promote curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Qualified Educators

Experienced teachers provide quality education and support tailored to each child's learning needs.

Emphasis on Relationships

Children build positive relationships with their peers and teachers, fostering a sense of belonging and social-emotional growth.

Seamless Transition

MOE Kindergarten prepares children for a smooth transition to primary school, promoting a strong foundation for future learning.

Small Wonder Preschool

Small Wonder Preschool, with more than 25 years in early childhood education, stands out in Yishun. Its programs focus on growing children's minds and laying a strong foundation for their future. This reputable preschool emphasizes holistic child development.

Understanding the value of early education, Small Wonder Preschool's caring team works hard. They provide a space where kids can learn, grow, and thrive. With engaging activities, they aim to spark a love for learning early on.

The preschool's curriculum fits the needs and interests of kids in various development stages. From early literacy to physical development, their programs cover it all. This approach ensures kids are ready for future learning and teaches important life skills.

The strength of Small Wonder Preschool is its team of seasoned educators. These professionals are committed to early childhood education. They make sure the environment is welcoming, safe, and inclusive for all kids.

Parent participation is highly valued at Small Wonder Preschool. They see a strong partnership between parents and teachers as crucial for children's growth. That's why they keep parents updated and involved in their kids' educational journey.

"Small Wonder Preschool has been a blessing for our family. The teachers are nurturing and supportive, and our child has grown both academically and socially. We couldn't have asked for a better preschool experience."

- Parent Testimonial

Show a group of young children engaged in various educational activities, such as reading books, playing with toys, and drawing, in a colorful and inviting classroom environment at Small Wonder Preschool. The teacher should be present, interacting with the children and creating a warm and nurturing atmosphere. Use bright colors and playful shapes to convey the joy and excitement of early learning.

Small Wonder Preschool

Programs Offered by Small Wonder Preschool

Small Wonder Preschool offers a variety of programs tailored to children's different needs and interests. Here are the programs they provide:




A play-based program for children aged 18 months to 2 years old, focusing on sensory play and social interaction.


A structured program for children aged 2 to 3 years old, introducing early literacy and numeracy concepts through hands-on activities.


A comprehensive program for children aged 4 to 6 years old, preparing them for primary school through a blend of academic and enrichment activities.

Enrichment Programs

Additional programs such as music, art, and physical education to enhance children's creativity, expression, and physical development.

Small Wonder Preschool is dedicated to creating a supportive environment for learning and growth. Thanks to their long history, great reputation, and tailored programs, they're a prime pick for Yishun parents looking for a quality preschool.

Kidz Meadow Childcare

Kidz Meadow Childcare stands out as a top choice for Yishun preschool programs. They're known for a nurturing and fun learning space. They use play to spark curiosity and a love for learning in kids.

Here, kids are urged to explore and interact with all around them. This way, they pick up key thinking, social, and emotional skills. A well-thought-out curriculum offers them play and learning, enriching their knowledge on different topics.

The teachers at Kidz Meadow are experts in early childhood education and give personal care to each child. They recognize that each child learns differently. So, they ensure every kid gets the right support to do well.

"Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein

At Kidz Meadow, play is key in a child's learning. They have various fun activities, inside and outside. Every activity, like block building or art, boosts creativity, problem-solving, and thinking skills.

Kidz Meadow is known for its high-quality education and care for each child's well-being. Parents know their kids are getting a great education. This sets them up for future success.

Why Choose Kidz Meadow Childcare:

  • Play-based learning approach

  • Nurturing and stimulating environment

  • Dedicated and experienced teachers

  • Individualized attention

  • Interactive activities to promote creativity and problem-solving


Age Group


Infant Care

2 months - 17 months

Safe and nurturing environment for infants to grow and develop.


18 months - 2 years

Focus on sensory exploration, language development, and social skills.


3 years - 4 years

Introduction to basic concepts through hands-on activities and play.


5 years - 6 years

Preparation for primary school with a comprehensive curriculum.

Little Seeds Preschool (Praiseland)

Little Seeds Preschool is a place where learning and fun come together. We make early learning exciting in Yishun. Our programs stick to the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) curriculum. This curriculum is all about growing through playful learning.

Every child is unique, and we get that. Our play-based learning lets kids explore and learn about the world. This way, they pick up important skills and knowledge.

Our teachers love what they do and focus on making learning enjoyable for every student. We aim to spark a love for learning. We also help kids become independent thinkers and good at solving problems.

Little Seeds Preschool is well-known for our outstanding preschool programs in Yishun. Parents trust us for our top-notch early childhood education.

What we offer at Little Seeds Preschool includes:

  • A play-based curriculum that promotes active learning and exploration

  • Engaging and interactive learning environments

  • Experienced and dedicated educators

  • Opportunities for social-emotional development

  • Age-appropriate activities and materials

We aim to create a warm and welcoming space. Here, kids feel safe, supported, and free to explore their interests and talents.

Come to Little Seeds Preschool. Give your child a solid start on their lifelong learning journey.

Key Features


Play-based curriculum

Promotes active learning and engagement

Dedicated educators

Experienced professionals passionate about early childhood education

Inclusive environment

Ensures that every child feels safe, supported, and valued

Opportunities for social-emotional development

Helps children build positive relationships and develop self-confidence

Age-appropriate activities and materials

Ensures that learning is engaging and tailored to each child's developmental needs

MindChamps PreSchool

MindChamps PreSchool is a top choice for early education in Yishun. They use scientific research to shape their learning programs. This method ensures kids develop fully and love learning.

At MindChamps, kids take part in fun activities. These activities boost thinking, teamwork, feelings, and health. The mix of play, thought exercises, and character building readies them for school.

The teachers at MindChamps are both caring and highly skilled. They create a warm space where kids can grow. Each classroom is filled with tools that encourage kids to explore and learn by doing.

This preschool is well-respected in Yishun for its excellent education. Parents believe in MindChamps for its top programs and emphasis on a complete education.

"MindChamps PreSchool has been amazing for my child," a happy parent shared. "The lessons are captivating and thorough, and the teachers are supportive and smart. My kid has grown so much since starting at MindChamps."

Looking for a leading preschool in Yishun that values education and total growth? MindChamps PreSchool is a great pick. Their science-based courses and loving environment build a solid base for your child's future.

Learn more by visiting MindChamps PreSchool's website. Check out their programs and how to sign up.

Create an image of a happy toddler exploring and having fun in a bright and colorful classroom at MindChamps Preschool. Use elements such as toys, learning materials, and vibrant decor to convey a positive and engaging environment for early learning. Show the child engaged in activities that promote curiosity, creativity, and social interaction with other children. Emphasize the warmth and nurturing nature of the teachers and staff at MindChamps through their interactions with the child.

MindChamps PreSchool


Choosing the right preschool in Yishun is vital for your child's early learning journey. It's key to look at many factors to find the perfect place for your child.

Begin by visiting potential schools to understand their atmosphere. Speak with the teachers and watch how they interact with students. This helps see if the school suits your child.

It's important to research the curriculum too. Look for programs that focus on early learning, play, and overall growth. Reading reviews and asking other parents can also offer valuable insights.

Lastly, think about cost. Find preschools in Yishun that are affordable without sacrificing quality. Make sure the school you pick stays within your financial plan.


What are the top preschool programs in Yishun for early learning?

In Yishun, the best preschools for early learning include Little Footprints Preschool, Skool4Kidz Preschool, and Little Green House. Also ranked are First Steps Preschool, MOE Kindergarten, and Small Wonder Preschool. Kidz Meadow Childcare, Little Seeds Preschool, and MindChamps PreSchool make the list too.

What is the curriculum of Little Footprints Preschool?

Little Footprints Preschool uses play-based learning to help young children grow in all areas. It's all about exploring and playing.

How does Skool4Kidz Preschool incorporate technology into their curriculum?

Skool4Kidz teaches basic coding and explores subjects like science and math with technology. It's part of their STEAM learning approach.

What does Little Green House offer in terms of learning?

Little Green House combines academics and creativity in its Literacy SMART curriculum. This method helps children reach their full potential.

What is the educational philosophy of First Steps Preschool?

First Steps Preschool believes in learning through discovery and critical thinking. This approach is based on child development experts’ theories.

What is the curriculum followed by MOE Kindergarten?

MOE Kindergarten's curriculum focuses on a child's complete growth, covering literacy, numeracy, and social skills. It's based on the Nurturing Early Learners Framework.

What is the approach of Small Wonder Preschool?

Small Wonder Preschool offers a curriculum that encourages play and curiosity. With over 25 years of experience, they love igniting a passion for learning.

How does Kidz Meadow Childcare promote learning?

Kidz Meadow Childcare uses playful ways to help kids explore and learn. Their curriculum is all about engaging and loving learning.

What curriculum does Little Seeds Preschool follow?

Little Seeds Preschool focuses on learning through play. Their Early Childhood Care and Education curriculum develops children in all areas.

What is the educational approach of MindChamps PreSchool?

MindChamps PreSchool's curriculum comes from scientific research. It encourages a child to learn and grow in every area.

How can I choose the right preschool in Yishun?

To find the best preschool in Yishun, visit schools, talk to other parents, and look into the curriculums. Choose one that meets your child's needs.

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