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Top Yishun After-School Care Centers for Kids

Parents in Yishun want the best for their kids after school. They look for centers that support learning and offer fun, growth-focused activities. There are many choices for childcare and after-school programs that meet different needs.

Let's look at a story about Ethan, a nine-year-old who loves to learn and make friends. After school, he needed a place that was both supportive and fun. His story helps us understand what yishun after-school care centers has to offer.

Ethan's parents wanted a center with good academics, care, and fun activities. Yishun had many options, which made choosing hard for them.

One night, Ethan's parents talked to a friend and found the perfect after-school center. It had education, enrichment, and was affordable. The center focused on learning and also on fun, growth activities for kids.

Ethan's parents were eager to learn more about this center. They were looking for places that would fit Ethan's needs well. They wanted somewhere he could learn, grow, and make friends.

yishun after-school care centers

A bustling Yishun street with colorful buildings and lush trees. In the foreground, a group of children laugh and play in front of a modern after-school care center, complete with a playground, indoor activities, and dedicated staff. The building's sign boasts its top-notch facilities and high-quality programs for young learners.

PlayFACTO School - Positive Education Student Care & Enrichment

PlayFACTO School is a top after-school care center in Yishun, focusing on positive education. They aim for the overall growth of students, offering both care and enrichment activities. Their services cover everything a student needs after school.

As the first Positive Education Student Care & Enrichment Brand in Singapore, PlayFACTO School is unique. They are recognized by PESA (Positive Education School Association). This shows their dedication to creating a positive and growth-filled environment for learning and excellence.

At PlayFACTO School, learning is both fun and meaningful. They blend positive psychology with effective teaching to make learning enjoyable. Their programs help children build character, skills, and face future challenges confidently.

They include STEAM subjects in their curriculum to encourage creativity and critical thinking. Children enjoy hands-on activities that make learning exciting. This approach helps them to love learning and apply their knowledge in real-life situations.

PlayFACTO School works closely with students to ensure they thrive. Their skilled teachers give personalized attention to every child. This support helps each child to achieve their best.

If you want your child in Yishun to experience positive education, consider PlayFACTO School. They focus on building character and a passion for learning. They offer a comprehensive education, making them a top choice for after-school care.

EduFirst Learning Centre - Integrated Student Development Program

EduFirst Learning Centre is a top after-school care center in Yishun. It offers quality educational services to young learners. The Integrated Student Development Program (ISDP) focuses on academic, social-emotional, and character growth for students.

The ISDP at EduFirst takes a whole education approach. It mixes regular learning with fun activities. Kids get help with homework, attend tuition, go on field trips, and do hands-on experiments. This method gives kids a broad education, more than just classroom lessons.

EduFirst is known for its great learning setting. The center has air purifiers and 24-hour CCTV for safety and health. There are showers for the kids and a big library to encourage reading and research.

EduFirst offers many educational chances. The ISDP helps kids do well in school and grow personally. It readies students for success in school and life.

yishun childcare services

Create an image of EduFirst Learning Centre as a nurturing and supportive environment for kids after school. Show children engaged in various activities, such as academic learning, sports, arts, and personal development. The atmosphere should feel fun, safe, and inclusive, with bright and cheerful colors and natural lighting. The image should capture the essence of integrated student development and how EduFirst helps kids grow into well-rounded individuals.

The ISDP at EduFirst offers kids in Yishun a full education experience. It boosts their learning, emotional well-being, and character. EduFirst provides an ideal learning space with many activities. It's a great choice for after-school care in Yishun.

Cambridge Pre-school - Enrichment and Learning Opportunities

Searching for an after-school care center in Yishun with comprehensive enrichment programs? Cambridge Pre-school is your answer. It focuses on holistic learning environment. This helps kids develop in many ways including thinking, social skills, feelings, and physical abilities.

At Cambridge Pre-school, kids get to try many fun activities. They can do arts and crafts, dance to music, learn new words, and discover STEM subjects. These activities make learning fun, encourage thinking, and help kids love learning.

Cambridge Pre-school believes every child is special. They give personal attention to each one. Based on what each kid needs, they provide the right support. Whether your child needs extra help or more challenges, the teachers are there to help.

Cambridge Pre-school also holds open house events regularly. This is a chance for parents to see what's offered. You can see where your child will learn and grow.

Cambridge Pre-school stands out in education quality. By choosing Cambridge for your child, you ensure they get the best learning opportunities. This supports their development and success in school.

Key Features of Cambridge Pre-school


1. Comprehensive enrichment programs

- Stimulates creativity and critical thinking

- Promotes a love for learning

2. Individualized attention

- Tailored approach to meet the unique needs of each child

- Support and challenges based on each child's abilities

3. Regular open house events

- Provides an opportunity for parents to learn more about the program and facilities

- Offers a glimpse into the engaging learning environment

Thoth Study Inn - Comprehensive Student Care Services

Thoth Study Inn is a place in Yishun dedicated to helping kids. It's for kids whose parents work and need a safe spot to learn more after school. This center is all about giving children a supportive place to grow.

Academic support is key for kids, and we get that. Our tutors offer help with homework and make sure it gets done right. They also run classes that help kids get better at different subjects and feel more confident.

But learning isn't just about book-smarts. Thoth Study Inn includes fun stuff like art to help kids be creative. We also give them time to study on their own, helping them to learn how to learn by themselves.

Being physically fit and morally sound is important, too. Kids play sports and games to be healthy and active. Lessons on being kind, understanding, and working well with others teach them to be good people.

after-school programs in yishun

Create an image of a cozy, welcoming student care center at Thoth Study Inn. Show children engaged in various activities such as reading, playing board games, and working on homework. Use warm colors and soft lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere. Include shelves of books and educational materials, as well as comfortable seating areas for relaxation. Show friendly staff members interacting with the children and providing guidance and support.

We aim to make Thoth Study Inn a great place for kids to do well in school and life. By offering all these services, we help them grow in every way. That's what we're all about.

CareHut @ Jiemin - Student Care within School Premises

CareHut @ Jiemin is a student care center at Jiemin Primary School in Yishun. Parents love the ease this offers. They don't need extra travel plans for their kids.

Here, students' well-being and growth are key. The center provides holistic care after school. There's homework help and fun learning activities to keep students engaged and happy.

The programs at CareHut @ Jiemin encourage a well-rounded education. Kids get academic support and go on field trips. These trips expand their world, showing them new things.

"We believe that students should have access to quality care and support within the school premises. By providing a safe and nurturing environment, we strive to create a conducive space where students can learn, grow, and thrive."

- CareHut @ Jiemin

Key Features of CareHut @ Jiemin:

  • Convenient location within Jiemin Primary School

  • Holistic program encompassing homework supervision and enrichment activities

  • Excursions and field trips to enhance students' learning experiences

  • Experienced and caring staff dedicated to the well-being of students

  • Safe and secure environment

CareHut @ Jiemin smoothly bridges school to after-school care. Parents are assured of top-notch care for their kids in a supportive space.

OOSH Yishun Park - Engaging After-School Programs

OOSH Yishun Park is a popular after-school care center in Yishun. It offers fun and educational programs for kids. Located in Yishun Park, it's the perfect place for learning and growing.

At OOSH Yishun Park, kids enjoy a wide range of activities that match their interests. These programs encourage learning, creativity, and making friends.

Kids at OOSH Yishun Park get to try things like:

  • Baking workshops, where they can learn to make tasty treats.

  • Creative artwork sessions, for expressing creativity through art.

  • Excursions to indoor playgrounds, for active play and making new friends.

  • Group games and team-building activities, which help them learn to work together.

The programs at OOSH Yishun Park are not just fun. They also teach valuable skills. Kids can find new interests, learn new talents, and gain important life skills.

The caring staff at OOSH Yishun Park give each kid personal attention. They work to make a warm and supportive place where all kids can do their best.

Benefits of OOSH Yishun Park's After-School Programs:

Opportunity for children to explore their interests and develop new skills.

Promotion of creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

Enhancement of social skills through meaningful interactions with peers.

Fostering of independence and self-confidence.

Supportive and nurturing environment with dedicated staff.

OOSH Yishun Park is a great choice for parents in Yishun. It offers quality care and enriching opportunities for their kids.

Gems Care Pte Ltd - Quality Childcare Services

Gems Care Pte Ltd is a top choice for childcare in Yishun. We make sure to offer a safe and caring place for kids after school. Our center is filled with qualified staff who focus on the health and growth of each child.

At Gems Care, kids' health is a big deal to us. That's why we serve them healthy and tasty meals. We know how important a good diet is for their growth.

We also have educational TV programs to keep kids learning and having fun. These shows cover lots of subjects, helping kids learn in an enjoyable way.

We don't just focus on books and learning. We also know how essential playing and being creative is. Our center has plenty of opportunities for kids to play, solve problems, and make friends.

"At Gems Care, we aim to make a place where kids feel loved, cared for, and supported. We recognize each child's unique talents and strengths. Our team works hard to help every child do their best."

Our commitment to top-notch childcare makes Gems Care Pte Ltd a trusted choice for parents. They can rest easy knowing their children are well taken care of with us.


Yishun offers many after-school care centers for parents to choose from. Some top picks include PlayFACTO School, EduFirst Learning Centre, and Cambridge Pre-school. Others are Thoth Study Inn, CareHut @ Jiemin, OOSH Yishun Park, and Gems Care Pte Ltd. Each center has special programs and activities for kids.

When picking an after-school care center in Yishun, parents should think about a few key things. They need to look at the enrichment programs, academic help, cost, and how close it is to them. It's key to pick a place that helps kids grow in many ways while keeping them happy and safe.

In Yishun, there are many choices for after-school care, programs, childcare, and student care. Parents can find great options to help their kids when school's out. By finding the best after-school care center, parents can make sure their kids have a place where they can learn and grow after school.


What are after-school care centers in Yishun?

After-school care centers in Yishun offer enrichment programs, academic help, and care for kids. They do this after the usual school hours.

What is PlayFACTO School known for?

PlayFACTO School stands out as the first and only Positive Education Student Care & Enrichment Brand in Singapore. Accredited by PESA (Positive Education School Association), it focuses on positive education. It aims to build children's character, virtues, life skills, and competencies.

What is the Integrated Student Development Program offered by EduFirst Learning Centre?

The Integrated Student Development Program by EduFirst Learning Centre focuses on the whole child. It combines academic, social-emotional, and character growth. The program includes homework help, classes, enrichment activities, field trips, and hands-on experiments.

What does Cambridge Pre-school offer?

Cambridge Pre-school offers enriching learning experiences for kids. It aims to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. This is done in a holistic learning environment.

What services does Thoth Study Inn provide?

Thoth Study Inn offers full student care services. This includes overseeing homework, tuition, art and crafts, self-study, sports, games, and moral and social education.

Where is CareHut @ Jiemin located?

CareHut @ Jiemin is inside Jiemin Primary School in Yishun. It's convenient for parents, offering student care right at the school.

What kind of after-school programs does OOSH Yishun Park offer?

OOSH Yishun Park has after-school programs that meet various children's interests. This includes baking, creative artwork, playground visits, and more.

What does Gems Care Pte Ltd prioritize?

Gems Care Pte Ltd focuses on kids' well-being and development. They ensure a safe and nurturing environment, healthy meals, educational programming, sleeping areas, and creative play opportunities.

What factors should parents consider when selecting an after-school care center in Yishun?

Parents should look at enrichment and academic support, cost, and the center's location. These are key when choosing an after-school care center in Yishun.

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