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Top Yishun Accredited Childcare Providers

Living in Yishun, Singapore, and finding a good childcare provider is crucial for parents. Yishun offers some of the best accredited childcare providers. They provide excellent early education and care at affordable prices.

Here's a story to start things off. Lily, a working mom from Yishun, needed the best place for her 3-year-old, Emily. She wanted a place where her daughter could learn, play, and grow.

After hearing positive feedback, Lily checked out some yishun accredited childcare providers

. She first visited Apple Tree Playhouse. Right away, she felt it was perfect for Emily.

Lily met with the warm and skilled educators there. She saw the classrooms, filled with suitable toys and learning stuff. Outside, the play area buzzed with happy kids and games.

Lily saw the kids were happy and active. She knew her daughter would be well cared for at Apple Tree Playhouse. She was eager to see Emily start and grow there.

Many Yishun parents, like Lily, trust these accredited childcare providers. These centers ensure each child gets personal care, top education, and a safe place to flourish.

Next, we'll look at some top childcare centers in Yishun. We'll talk about the quality education they offer. Also, we will cover infant care, daycare options, and subsidies for childcare.

Ready to find the best accredited childcare providers in Yishun for your child? Let's start the search for your child's growth and development!

yishun accredited childcare providers

A group of children playing happily in a colorful, spacious and well-equipped room, supervised by friendly and attentive staff. The room is filled with educational toys, books, and games, and there are clearly labeled shelves and storage units for organization. Outside the room, there are signs indicating that the facility is Yishun-accredited and provides quality care for children. The overall atmosphere is warm, safe, and welcoming.

Apple Tree Playhouse: A Trusted Yishun Accredited Childcare Provider

Apple Tree Playhouse is at No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central Communi. It's a top-notch childcare provider in Yishun. They have a variety of programs for kids and daycare options. The team of skilled educators ensures kids get top care and learning in a secure, loving space. To inquire or enroll, contact them at +65 6271 6388.

Programs Offered

Age Group


Infant Care Program

2 months to 17 months

Safe and stimulating environment for infants, individualized care by trained caregivers

Toddler Playgroup

18 months to 2 years

Creative play-based learning, developmental activities, and social interaction

Nursery and Kindergarten

3 to 6 years

Holistic curriculum focusing on literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional development, interactive learning through art, music, and play

Apple Tree Playhouse aims to create a supportive, growth-filled setting for kids. The center has top-notch facilities and resources for different ages. Their programs focus on creativity, logic, and social skills, preparing kids for future learning.

At Apple Tree Playhouse, we see every child as unique and full of potential. Our committed educators love helping kids grow. We work to make our center a place where kids feel important and inspired.

Why choose Apple Tree Playhouse:

  • Accredited and trusted childcare provider in Yishun

  • Experienced and qualified educators

  • Safe and nurturing environment

  • Developmentally appropriate programs for different age groups

  • Comprehensive curriculum that promotes holistic development

  • Engaging learning activities and resources

  • Regular communication with parents to track progress

Apple Tree Playhouse values working with parents for the children's best care and learning. They prioritize open communication, providing regular updates on kids' growth. The center also holds parent workshops and events, building a strong community feel.

With a focus on excellence and child welfare, Apple Tree Playhouse stands out in Yishun. Call them at +65 6271 6388 to discover more about their offerings and to reserve a spot for your little one.

Preschools in Yishun: Providing Quality Early Education

Yishun is home to several preschools focused on quality education for kids. These schools aim to develop children's social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. They do this through play and interactive activities. The teachers are skilled and create a welcoming, stimulating place for learning and growth.

Popular preschools in Yishun include Apple Tree Playhouse, Thoth Study Inn, and Gems Care Pte Ltd. They offer various programs to meet the needs and interests of each child.

At Apple Tree Playhouse, kids learn through hands-on activities. This boosts creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The curriculum sparks curiosity and love for learning, laying the base for future success. Kids also improve their social skills, self-confidence, and independence.

Thoth Study Inn combines technology and arts in its teaching. Kids get a balanced education with STEAM activities and art. This school fosters a love for learning and prepares kids for a rapidly changing future.

Gems Care Pte Ltd teaches in both English and Mandarin, focusing on language skills. It also highlights moral and character development. Kids learn by playing and asking questions, fostering a love for learning that lasts.

Choosing the Right Preschool

Choosing the right preschool in Yishun involves considering the school's philosophy, curriculum, teacher skills, and facilities. Visiting and talking to the staff can help you understand their methods and setting.

Think about the preschool's location and how convenient it is. Also, consider if it offers programs that fit your child's interests and needs.

Selecting a quality preschool in Yishun can give your child a strong start in life. Early education is crucial for a child's future, and these schools provide a caring, enriching environment for growth.

Yishun Infant Care Services: Ensuring the Well-being of Babies

Yishun offers a variety of infant care services focused on baby well-being and growth. These services provide a safe and nurturing setting. Infants get to thrive with trained caregivers who meet their needs.

In Yishun, infant care goes above and beyond. It creates a warm environment that sparks learning. Babies explore and play, developing skills with fun activities.

Providers like Apple Tree Playhouse and CareHut @ Jiemin are experts in infant care. They put baby well-being and development first.

Enrolling your child in Yishun infant care means peace of mind for you. Caregivers give personalized attention. They ensure your baby grows happy and healthy.

Benefits of Yishun Infant Care Services:

  • Safe and secure environment

  • Trained caregivers who understand infant needs

  • Stimulating and engaging activities for early development

  • Opportunities for social interaction and sensory exploration

  • Nurturing environment that promotes emotional well-being

At Yishun infant care services, we make your baby's well-being our priority. We offer a safe, engaging place for them to grow. Trust us with your baby's early years, filled with love and care.

Choosing Yishun for infant care gives your baby a great beginning. Contact providers like Apple Tree Playhouse and CareHut @ Jiemin. Learn about their services and how they help your baby develop.

preschools in yishun

Create an image of a group of smiling infants surrounded by friendly and nurturing caregivers in a bright and welcoming infant care center. Use soft pastel colors and incorporate playful toys and educational materials to evoke a warm and engaging environment. Incorporate the Yishun neighborhood's distinctive landmarks and natural scenery to highlight the local roots of the accredited childcare providers.

Yishun Childcare Subsidies: Making Quality Childcare Affordable

Childcare costs can really strain family budgets in Yishun. Luckily, the Singapore government offers subsidies to help. These programs, like the Child Care Subsidy Scheme and Enhanced Subsidy Scheme, help families pay for childcare.

The amount of money families can get varies. It depends on their income and the childcare program they pick. This financial support makes high-quality childcare more reachable. It helps parents keep working while their kids get great care and education.

Parents interested in applying should visit the government's official website. They can also talk to their childcare provider about how to apply. Knowing what paperwork is needed and the rules for qualifying is key to getting these benefits.

The Singapore government understands that quality childcare is crucial early in life. With these subsidies, they aim to make good childcare available to all families. This helps kids get a solid start no matter their family's finances.

Benefits of Childcare Subsidies in Yishun

Childcare subsidies in Yishun have lots of perks:

  • Financial Relief: They lessen the money stress on families. This means parents can spend on other important things.

  • Access to Quality Care: Thanks to these subsidies, families can pick top-notch childcare places. They don’t have to settle for less quality.

  • Support for Working Parents: They let parents work without worrying. They know their kids are in good hands.

  • Promotion of Early Childhood Development: Affordable childcare helps kids learn and grow well. It offers them a chance to succeed from the start.

Getting childcare subsidies is a smart move for families. It ensures children get great care and education. This sets them up well for the future. Families in Yishun can really benefit from this help.

Yishun Daycare Facilities: Providing a Safe and Enriching Environment

Yishun is a place with many daycare centers focused on children's well-being and growth. These centers offer a safe space for kids to learn and play. Each one has programs with fun activities, healthy meals, and chances for kids to make friends.

Caregivers in Yishun's daycares know a lot about helping children grow. They give careful attention to what each child needs. They also keep their spaces clean and safe, making sure every child feels good and secure.

Apple Tree Playhouse is a known daycare in Yishun. It has programs for preschoolers and offers daycare for parents who work. The caregivers there make sure kids get personal attention and do things that are just right for their age.

When you choose a Yishun daycare, you know your child is being well cared for. These places help kids grow in all ways, helping them be their best. Parents can feel at ease knowing their kids are in a great place.

Benefits of Yishun Daycare Facilities:

  • Structured programs with age-appropriate activities

  • Nutritious meals provided

  • Opportunities for play and social interaction

  • Trained caregivers who prioritize child development

  • Safe and well-maintained facilities

Picking a Yishun daycare is a smart choice for parents who work. It means your child gets great care and learns in a loving place.

Daycare Facility



Apple Tree Playhouse

No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central Community Club)

+65 6271 6388

Top-Rated Childcare in Yishun: Quality Education and Care

Quality is key when picking a childcare provider for your child. In Yishun, several childcare centers stand out for their education and care. They focus on the whole growth of children, making a place where kids can do well.

Apple Tree Playhouse is one of Yishun's best childcare centers. It offers great programs and caring teachers. They work hard to give each child focused care and valuable learning. They aim to grow each child's own skills and instill a love for learning.

"At Apple Tree Playhouse, we aim for the highest care and education standard for every child. Our committed teachers are keen on creating a warm place for kids to discover, learn, and develop. We trust in learning through play and hands-on activities to spark a love for learning."

Apple Tree Playhouse has many educational programs for all children's needs and likes. They work on the full growth of children, including their minds, social skills, feelings, and physical health. Through fun activities and play, kids get the chance to learn and grow important skills.

The Difference at Apple Tree Playhouse

What makes Apple Tree Playhouse a leading childcare center in Yishun is their strong focus on quality education and care. The center's skilled teachers create a warm and exciting place for each child to excel. Their method includes:

  1. Personalized Attention: Apple Tree Playhouse knows each child is special. They offer focused care to meet each child's needs and interests. This helps kids achieve their highest potential.

  2. Enriching Experiences: The center gives kids various enriching activities, like field trips and hands-on tasks. These activities are designed to make kids curious, creative, and love to learn.

  3. Safe and Nurturing Environment: The safety and happiness of children are Apple Tree Playhouse's most important goals. They keep a safe and warm place where kids can explore and play with others.

  4. Collaboration with Parents: The center believes in open talk and a strong bond with parents. They keep parents involved in their child's learning, sharing updates, and asking for feedback to keep improving.

Choosing Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun means your child gets top education and care in a helpful and rich place. They are dedicated to growing each child's possibility. You can be sure your child will get the best start for their future.

best childcare centres in yishun

A group of happy children playing together in a bright and colorful play area, surrounded by caring and attentive teachers. The environment should feel safe, clean, and welcoming. Perhaps there could be some educational toys or learning materials visible in the background. The overall mood should convey a sense of warmth, positivity, and fun.

Choosing Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun means your child gets top education and care. It's a supportive and rich place, dedicated to each child's growth. Trust that your child will get the best foundation for the future.

Yishun Early Childhood Education: Building a Strong Foundation

Early childhood education lays the groundwork for a child's later years. In Yishun, diverse programs help kids grow in many ways. They touch on mental, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Places like Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun have great programs for kids. These programs are designed to bring out the best in each child. They have caring teachers and create a place where learning is fun.

Children get to do hands-on activities and learn together. This helps them find what they like, think smarter, and get ready for school later on.

"Yishun's early childhood education programs aim to promote a well-rounded development in young children, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge for their educational journey."

Programs mix regular lessons with fun, play-based learning. This keeps learning exciting and helps spark curiosity and imagination. It also lets kids work on their people skills by playing and learning with others.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education in Yishun:

  • Development of cognitive skills

  • Enhanced social and emotional development

  • Promotion of physical well-being

  • Cultivation of creativity and critical thinking

  • Opportunities for cultural and language exposure

Yishun also gets parents involved in their kids' learning. This makes a strong team of teachers and families.

Putting resources into early education gives Yishun’s kids a solid start. It promises a future filled with many opportunities.

Reputable Childcare Centers in Yishun: A Reputation for Excellence

Yishun is known for its top-notch childcare centers. These places are highly praised for their quality in early education and care. They focus on the well-being and growth of kids, offering a supportive environment.

Places like Apple Tree Playhouse have caring educators. They make learning meaningful. With an eye on all-around growth, children get ready for their future.

These childcare centers offer well-planned courses and fun activities. Kids get to explore and learn safely. Teachers help boost their curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Apple Tree Playhouse offers a caring and fun place for kids to grow. Our team is all about top-quality early education and care. We focus on helping each child do their best, looking at their unique strengths and interests. Come see the difference at Apple Tree Playhouse.

Choosing a good childcare center in Yishun means peace of mind for parents. These places are welcoming and treat every child as special.

They always look to get better, keeping up with new findings in childcare. They're also big on working with parents, making sure kids get the support they need.

Picking the right childcare center in Yishun is important. Places like Apple Tree Playhouse have earned parents' trust. They're known for providing excellent care and education.

By picking one of these centers, parents are helping their kids start off strong. It's an investment in their bright future.

Contact Information for Apple Tree Playhouse

If you want to enroll your child at Apple Tree Playhouse, here’s what you need to know. It’s a top childcare provider in Yishun.

Address: No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central Communi)Phone Number: +65 6271 6388

The team at Apple Tree Playhouse is always there to help. They can offer more details about their programs. They know how crucial it is to find the right childcare for your kid in Yishun. They're ready to help with enrollment or any questions you have.

You might want to see how nice Apple Tree Playhouse is. Here is a picture:

Keep reading to discover more about childcare services and educational programs in Yishun.


Yishun has great places for kids to learn and grow. There, children are helped to get the best start with good daycare and preschools. Parents can also get help to make it more affordable.

Looking for the best place for your little one? Yishun has many respected infant care, preschools, and childcare centers. Each child gets care that's just for them, with fun learning experiences.

Thinking about childcare in Yishun? Check out places like Apple Tree Playhouse, known for top care. A trusted provider ensures your child's chance to shine in a happy, safe place.


Are there any accredited childcare providers in Yishun?

Yes, there are. Yishun is home to many reputable childcare providers. They offer quality early education and care at affordable prices.

What are the best preschools in Yishun?

Popular preschools in Yishun include Apple Tree Playhouse, Thoth Study Inn, and Gems Care Pte Ltd. They are known for their excellent programs.

What infant care services are available in Yishun?

Yishun provides various infant care services for babies' needs. Providers like Apple Tree Playhouse and CareHut @ Jiemin are accredited and offer these services.

What childcare subsidies are available in Yishun?

The government helps families in Yishun afford childcare. They offer subsidies through schemes like the Child Care Subsidy Scheme and Enhanced Subsidy Scheme.

What daycare facilities are available in Yishun?

Yishun boasts a range of daycare facilities for children. Places like Apple Tree Playhouse provide a safe, enriching environment. They offer daycare along with preschool programs.

Which childcare centers in Yishun are top-rated?

Yishun has top-rated childcare centers, praised for quality education and care. One example is Apple Tree Playhouse, known for its exceptional programs and caring educators.

What is the importance of early childhood education in Yishun?

Early childhood education is vital for a child's growth and learning. Yishun's programs aim to build important skills and knowledge in young children.

Are there reputable childcare centers in Yishun?

Yes, Yishun boasts reputable childcare centers highly regarded for their early education and care standards. Apple Tree Playhouse is one, focusing on children's well-being and developmental needs.

How can I contact Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun?

For questions or enrollment at Apple Tree Playhouse in Northpoint City, call them at +65 6271 6388. They are located at No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201.

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