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Top Reliable Childcare Providers in Yishun

Imagine this: It's a bright and sunny morning in Yishun, Singapore. You're enjoying your coffee and getting ready for the day. You watch the children play in the nearby park.

Their laughter and games fill the air. It reminds you of the magic of childhood. As a parent, you know good child care helps children grow.

reliable childcare providers yishun

A bright and welcoming daycare center with cheerful children playing and engaged in various activities, accompanied by smiling caregivers who exude warmth and trustworthiness. The environment should feel safe, nurturing, and stimulating for young children to thrive in.

Finding a trustworthy childcare provider is key. You want a safe and loving place for your child. Yishun has several top-notch childcare facilities known for their excellence.

Apple Tree Playhouse is one trusted name. It has served the community for 30 years. It's celebrated for its quality care and skilled teachers. They embrace the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, nurturing children's creativity and discovery.

At Apple Tree Playhouse, kids learn by doing. They engage in arts to boost learning and critical thinking. The school's design is both safe and inviting, encouraging kids to learn and grow.

Looking for infant care or preschool? Apple Tree Playhouse offers a range of programs. Program costs vary, but the assurance of your child's well-being is invaluable.

Consider visiting Apple Tree Playhouse to see their unique approach. Explore their Reggio Emilia inspired environment and vibrant learning spaces.

Stay updated on Apple Tree Playhouse's creative curriculum, enrichment activities, and engaging learning spaces. These features make it a leading childcare choice in Yishun.

Welcome to Apple Tree Playhouse

We've been offering top-notch childcare in Yishun for over 30 years at Apple Tree Playhouse. Starting as a simple playgroup, we've grown into a respected childcare option. Our approach is inspired by the child-focused Reggio Emilia philosophy, promoting overall growth.

Kids here are seen as eager learners, full of curiosity. We aim for a safe, welcoming setting that sparks kids' interests. Our approach helps kids grow independent, thoughtful, and ready to solve problems. This prepares them well for the future.

Our educators are deeply committed to early childhood education. They focus on forming strong bonds with each child and their families. Partnering with parents, we enhance each child's growth. We believe in connecting home and school for a better learning journey.

At Apple Tree Playhouse, we celebrate every child's unique self. We're dedicated to creating a supportive space that boosts creativity, exploration, and personal development.

Choosing Apple Tree Playhouse means entrusting your child to us with confidence. Our center in Yishun boasts modern facilities. Classroom, play areas, and outdoor spaces are all designed to enrich kids' experiences and curiosity.

Sign your child up at Apple Tree Playhouse to see the impact of dependable daycare. Let's foster a love of learning in them for a promising future.

Innovative Curriculum at Apple Tree Playhouse

Apple Tree Playhouse leads with a fresh and engaging approach to early learning. Their teaching methods are inspired by Reggio Emilia and focus on inquiry. This means kids get to drive their learning adventures, which sparks a love for finding out new things.

Teachers here are all about creating a warm and encouraging space where kids can do their best. They invite students to dive deep into exploration, shaping them into eager learners. This helps children build skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. Such skills are key not just at school, but in life too.

There's more than just book learning here. The curriculum also has arts and design. These fun activities boost academic abilities and stir up kids' creativity. Doing things like drawing or sculpting helps children develop in many ways. They grow creatively and learn to express their emotions better. Apple Tree Playhouse believes in educating the whole child for a bright future.

"Through our innovative curriculum, we aim to inspire a lifelong love for learning and equip children with the skills they need to succeed in their educational journey and beyond." - Apple Tree Playhouse

Apple Tree Playhouse is proud to be a leading preschool in Yishun. Our amazing teachers and special way of teaching help children achieve greatness. We're all about laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning. And, we're dedicated to making our school a place where kids love to learn and grow.

Key Features of our innovative curriculum


Reggio Emilia inspired and inquiry-based learning

Promotes curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills

Child-initiated learning

Develops independence, self-motivation, and a love for learning

Expressive arts and design programs

Enhances academic skills, memory, concentration, and creativity

Focused on holistic development

Fosters well-rounded individuals with a range of skills

Certified early childhood educators

Provides expert guidance and support for children's growth

Nine Learning Areas at Apple Tree Playhouse

Apple Tree Playhouse believes in a holistic development approach for children. They have nine learning areas that cover essential skills. This method gives kids a well-rounded education.

Here are the prime areas they focus on:

  1. Personal, social, and emotional development: Kids learn about themselves and develop social skills through fun activities.

  2. Communication and language skills: The center encourages kids to speak up and improves their listening and talking abilities.

  3. Physical development: They offer activities that boost children's physical health and motor skills.

The specific areas include:

  • Expressive arts and design: Children explore art, music, and drama to express themselves creatively.

  • Understanding and appreciating the world/environment: Kids learn about the environment and cultures around the globe.

  • Mathematical concepts: They enjoy activities that enhance their math skills and problem-solving abilities.

  • Literacy knowledge and skills: The center promotes reading and writing, laying the groundwork for future learning.

  • Analytical and critical thinking: Kids are taught to think deeply and solve problems through discussions.

  • Problem-solving: Apple Tree Playhouse challenges kids with tasks that improve their problem-solving skills.

Apple Tree Playhouse’s focus on nine different learning areas ensures children get a well-balanced education. Each area is designed to make learning fun and effective. This approach helps kids grow in every aspect.

Enrichment Programs at Apple Tree Playhouse

Apple Tree Playhouse has special programs besides our main lessons. These extra programs help kids learn more about what they love. They can find and grow their talents, be creative, and show who they are. Here's what we have for them:

Creative Writing in English and Mandarin

Our creative writing course makes language skills better. Kids can tell stories in fun ways. They get to work on English and Mandarin, improving in both.

Expressive Art and Design

Art inspires kids to be creative and dream big. Our art program lets kids try many kinds of art. This helps them get better at creating and sharing their ideas.

Music by Yamaha

Yamaha helps us give a great music class. Kids learn about music and how to play instruments. They find out about many music styles, making them excited about music.

Speech and Drama

Our speech and drama class helps kids talk better and be more confident. They do fun drama games to learn how to share ideas well. They also learn to work together with others.

Apple Tree Playhouse believes in teaching more than just regular subjects. Our extra programs make learning fun for kids. They can explore what they like and get new skills. It helps them be ready to keep learning all their life.

trusted daycare services yishun

Show a group of young children playing and laughing happily at a safe and clean daycare center in Yishun, with nurturing caregivers present in the background.

Immersive Learning Environment at Apple Tree Playhouse

Apple Tree Playhouse understands the importance of a child’s learning space. We've created an environment that feeds their curiosity and creativity. Our space is designed to reflect our educational values and offer the best learning experience for kids.

We've selected materials and textures to awaken different senses and keep children engaged. With elements like wood, plants, and interactive areas, our space encourages fun and exploration. Every detail in our environment aims to bring joy and inspire discovery.

Our teachers are key in making the learning space welcoming and encouraging. They customize lessons to fit each child's needs and interests. Under their care, kids gain confidence, embrace learning, and showcase their talents.

"The environment is everything. It's where children are first introduced to the world and where they develop their sense of self and potential."

For us, a secure learning environment is critical. We've put in strong safety measures to protect our students. Our classrooms are child-proofed, and we closely monitor all activities, keeping our kids safe always.

Our unique learning environment leads to amazing discovery and growth moments. It nurtures wonder and curiosity in kids, helping them explore the world. We aim to create a place where children are excited to learn, feeling inspired and motivated.

Visit Apple Tree Playhouse to see our special learning environment. Book a tour with us to see how we support your child's growth.

Fees at Apple Tree Playhouse

Choosing a reliable childcare provider in Yishun means looking at fees for their programs. At Apple Tree Playhouse, we have affordable rates. They show the quality of our daycare services and top childcare facilities in Yishun.

Program Fees

Fees change depending on the program you pick. Here's how much each program costs:


Full-Day Fee

Half-Day Fee

Emergency Care Fee





Nursery 1




Nursery 2




Kindergarten 1




Kindergarten 2




The fees above do not include government subsidies and GST. We aim to offer quality infant care in Yishun at fair prices. We want our daycare services to be accessible to all families.

reputable child care centers Yishun

Show a peaceful and bright nursery room with a soft color scheme that exudes warmth and comfort. Add interactive and stimulating toys that promote motor and sensory development of infants, such as mobiles, plush toys, and activity mats. Incorporate images of smiling and attentive caregivers who are engaging with the babies in nurturing and gentle ways. The overall ambiance should convey a safe and secure environment that creates a positive and enriching experience for both the babies and their families.

Schedule a School Tour with Apple Tree Playhouse

Want to see how learning happens at Apple Tree Playhouse? Come for a tour and see our unique approach to learning. You'll experience the excitement of inquiry-based learning.

On the tour, you'll check out our creative learning spaces. You'll also meet our certified teachers and learn about our Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum. It's a great chance to see our methods.

To set up your visit, just fill out our website form or reach out by email or phone. Our team is ready to pick the best time for you to come by.

Testimonials from Parents

"Visiting Apple Tree Playhouse opened my eyes. The learning atmosphere and teacher enthusiasm convinced me it's perfect for my kid."- Sarah Tan, Parent
"Apple Tree Playhouse's tour went beyond my hopes. Seeing the kids so happy and learning confidently was great. The staff's commitment to well-rounded growth stood out."- David Lim, Parent

What Parents Say About Us

  1. Trusted and reliable daycare services

  2. Highly qualified and caring educators

  3. Innovative and inspiring learning environment

  4. Comprehensive and holistic curriculum

  5. Nurturing and supportive community

Don't miss this chance at Apple Tree Playhouse. Book a tour and see why families love our early childhood education.

What is Child Care?

Child care, also called daycare, is about looking after kids in a day-care center. Childcare Yishun Singapore focuses on kids from 18 months to 6 years old. It's important for kids' growth, helping them develop mentally and socially.

At Apple Tree Playhouse, we know how vital good care is. We provide a safe and supportive space for children.

The Effects of Child Care on Child Development

Child care is crucial for a child's growth. It affects many parts of their development. Services like those at Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun are key. They offer care that helps kids grow up well and stable.

Influences on Child Development

Child care impacts many developmental areas:

  • Memory: Fun activities at good childcare places can make a child's memory better.

  • Language: Good daycare helps kids learn to talk through stories and chat with teachers and friends.

  • School readiness: Great childcare gets kids ready for school. They learn to be on their own, pick up needed skills, and love learning.

  • Math and reading proficiency: Daycare with learning programs helps with math and reading.

  • Social skills: Being with others in daycare teaches kids how to make friends, understand others, and bounce back from tough times.

  • Relationships: Good childcare improves how kids get along with their parents, making bonds stronger and communication better.

  • Behavioral adjustments: Good childcare teaches kids how to act right, control themselves, and solve problems.

  • Early work habits: Daycare teaches kids about routines, doing their part, and working with others. It starts them on the path to discipline and a good work ethic.

Good daycare, like what you find in Yishun, helps kids grow in many ways. It gives them a place where they can be taken care of and learn.

"Quality child care can positively shape a child's memory, language skills, school readiness, math and reading proficiency, social abilities, relationships, behavior, and early work habits."

The Role of Reliable Childcare Providers

Places like Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun are important. They give kids a safe space to learn and play. Their programs are based on solid research. This makes sure kids get the care and learning they need.

Good childcare programs give personal attention and exciting learning activities. They also care about the social and emotional side of growing up. By choosing trustworthy childcare, parents know their kids are in good hands.

Choosing the right childcare in Yishun is investing in your child's future. Trusted daycare gives them a great place to start learning for life. It helps them do their best from the start.


Apple Tree Playhouse stands out in Yishun for offering excellent childcare. They use a Reggio Emilia inspired approach. Their team includes certified early childhood educators. The environment is designed for innovative learning.

Their programs offer a wide range of learning areas. This includes emotional, social, physical development, and more. It gives kids a balanced education. This prepares them for a bright future.

Families looking for great childcare in Yishun will find it at Apple Tree Playhouse. The team is dedicated and experienced. They create a safe and inviting place for kids to grow and learn.


What age group does Apple Tree Playhouse cater to?

Apple Tree Playhouse caters to children aged 18 months to 6 years old.

What is the educational philosophy followed by Apple Tree Playhouse?

Apple Tree Playhouse embraces the Reggio Emilia approach for early learning.

What programs does Apple Tree Playhouse offer?

Apple Tree Playhouse has programs for infants, playgroup, nursery, and kindergarten kids.

What is the fee structure at Apple Tree Playhouse?

The fees at Apple Tree Playhouse change depending on the program chosen. Playgroup full-day costs $1,600, half-day is $1,400, and emergency care is $146.

For Nursery 1, the full-day is $1,550, half-day $1,350, with emergency care at $146. Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 and 2 full-day cost $1,500, half-day $1,300, and $146 for emergency care. These rates don’t include government help or GST.

Can I schedule a school tour with Apple Tree Playhouse?

Yes, you can visit Apple Tree Playhouse to see what they offer. The tour lets you check out their learning spaces and programs. You can sign up for a tour on their website or get in touch by email or phone.

What is child care?

Child care, or daycare, is where kids are looked after during the day.

How does quality child care impact child development?

Good child care, like Apple Tree Playhouse’s, boosts many areas of a child’s growth. It helps with memory, talking, getting ready for school, and doing well in math and reading.

It also betters social skills, relationships with parents and teachers, behavior, and early work habits.

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