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Childcare Jobs in Yishun: Explore Careers Now!

Childcare Jobs in Yishun: Explore Careers Now!

Do you love working with kids and want to impact their lives positively? Childcare jobs in Yishun are perfect for you. No matter your experience level, Yishun has various positions that match your skills and interests.

Let's talk about Sarah, a preschool teacher in Yishun, to give you an idea. She's always loved kids and wanted to help them grow. Starting as an assistant, she soon discovered her passion for teaching young children.

Sarah worked hard to improve her skills, earned certifications, and gained experience with kids of all ages. Helping kids learn and grow brought her immense joy. She supported their development at every step.

When Sarah found out about a job at Apple Tree Playhouse, she was excited. She applied, got the job, and achieved her dream of working in a caring setting.

Now, Sarah plans fun lessons, creates a positive class vibe, and connects with parents. She sees her students grow and feels fulfilled that she’s making a difference.

You can also start a rewarding career in early childhood education in Yishun, just like Sarah. There’s a spot for you whether you want to teach, assist, or specialize in an area like Chinese language education.

Keep reading to find out about childcare jobs in Yishun, what they involve, and why Yishun is a great place to work. Learn how you can change children’s lives while advancing your career.

Available Childcare Job Positions in Yishun

Are you seeking a meaningful career in early childhood education? Yishun has several childcare job openings just for you. Positions are open for preschool teachers, assistant teachers, learning support educators, and infant care educators. Companies like Apple Tree Playhouse and Wharton Family are hiring now.

The monthly salary for these jobs ranges from $2,200 to $5,500. This competitive pay reflects your skills and hard work. Working at a Yishun childcare center means a career full of rewards and chances to grow.

Childcare Vacancies in Yishun

Job Position


Salary Range (per month)

Preschool Teacher

Apple Tree Playhouse

$3,000 - $5,500

Assistant Teacher

Wharton Family

$2,200 - $4,500

Learning Support Educator

Apple Tree Playhouse

$3,500 - $5,000

Infant Care Educator

Wharton Family

$2,800 - $4,500

Explore a variety of roles and find the one that matches your skills and passions. Apply today for these childcare job positions in Yishun and start your rewarding career in early childhood education.

Responsibilities and Requirements for Childcare Jobs in Yishun

Childcare jobs in Yishun are vital. They help with the growth and learning of young kids. These jobs need people who love early childhood education. They must also aim to make a happy learning space.

To work in Yishun childcare centers, keeping the place tidy and safe is key. Workers organize materials and clean up. They make the space nice for kids.

It's important to work well with parents in childcare jobs. Good communication helps create a team feeling. This makes sure kids get support both at home and at the center.

Coming up with lesson plans is a big part of childcare jobs. These plans must match what is right for each age group. They should include activities that cover learning, feeling, social, and physical skills.

Some childcare jobs in Yishun have special requirements. You might need good grades in English, a diploma, or O-level credits. Always check the job ad carefully to see if you qualify.

There are also part-time jobs in childcare in Yishun. These are great for those who need a flexible schedule. They let you work in early childhood education and still have time for other things.

Overall, to work in childcare in Yishun, you need to be dedicated and loving towards kids. Taking on these responsibilities and meeting the job needs can change young lives. It helps kids start their learning journey in the best way.



Maintaining the classroom and center's environment

Minimum B4 grade in English Language (EL1)

Building relationships with parents

Degree or local poly diploma

Developing age-appropriate curriculums

At least 5 O-level credits

Fostering holistic learning and development

Chinese Language Preschool Educator Job in Yishun

Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun is looking for a preschool educator specializing in Chinese Language. The role involves creating a top-notch program for kids' overall learning and development. It also includes working closely with parents and creating a warm, supportive classroom environment. The job pays between $3,000 and $4,500 a month. If you're interested, apply soon.

Job Description:

- Create a leading program that helps preschoolers grow and learn. - Work with parents to guide and support their kids. - Make the classroom a positive and encouraging place.

Salary Range:

- Earn between $3,000 and $4,500 each month.


  • Growth and development opportunities

  • Supportive and nurturing work environment

  • Attractive remuneration package


  • Relevant qualifications in early childhood education

  • Passion for working with children

  • Mandarin language proficiency

Apply now:

If you want to work as a Chinese Language Preschool Educator at Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun, apply today. It's a chance to make a difference in kids’ lives. Start on a path to a rewarding career in early childhood education. Get in touch with Apple Tree Playhouse at +65 6271 6388 or visit their website for more details.

Assistant Teacher Positions in Yishun Childcare Centers

Yishun childcare centers have various assistant teacher spots. They are great for those wanting to start in early childhood education. Assistant teachers support lead teachers with classroom activities.

Assistant teachers help with planning fun activities for kids. They create routines and keep the classroom organized. They also care for and guide children during the day, making sure the learning environment is safe.

  • Assisting in planning and implementing engaging and age-appropriate activities for children

  • Establishing routines and maintaining a structured environment

  • Providing care, support, and guidance to children throughout the day

  • Supporting the development of a safe and nurturing learning environment

Assistant teachers in Yishun can earn from $1,500 to $4,000 a month. Your pay depends on your qualifications, experience, and the center you work in.

Working as an assistant teacher is a great way to learn about teaching young kids. You'll develop your skills and help kids grow. This job can be the first step toward a career in this field.

The Role of an Assistant Teacher

Assistant teachers back up the lead teacher to create a welcoming learning space for kids. They work together with the team to make sure every child gets top-notch care and education.

Assistant teachers are key in managing the class and readying materials. They give kids special attention when needed. Their work includes planning activities that help kids learn and grow.

This job needs a love for kids, patience, and good talking skills. It's a chance to really make a difference in kids' lives and watch them develop.

Benefits of Assistant Teacher Positions in Yishun Childcare Centers

1. Hands-on Learning: Gain practical experience and develop valuable skills in early childhood education.

2. Career Development: Assistant teacher positions provide a solid foundation for individuals looking to pursue a long-term career in the field.

3. Supportive Environment: Work alongside experienced educators and receive guidance and support to enhance your teaching abilities.

4. Rewarding Work: Make a positive impact on the lives of young children by contributing to their growth and development.

If you love being around children and want a part-time job in Yishun, think about becoming an assistant teacher. It's a great start to a rewarding career in teaching young children.

Requirements for Childcare Jobs in Yishun

The needs for childcare positions in Yishun can change based on the job. Some roles might need certifications like ACEY, L1/L2/EY1/EY2, or a WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education. Others might look for skills in speaking Mandarin. Having experience and a real love for kids is important for applicants. People looking for jobs should check each job's needs before applying.

Here are the common needs for childcare jobs in Yishun:

  • Relevant Certifications:

  • ACEY

  • L1/L2/EY1/EY2

  • WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education

  • Mandarin Language Proficiency

  • Experience in the field of early childhood education

  • A genuine passion for working with children

Jobs may also have other specific needs. It's important for people to read the job descriptions well to make sure they qualify.

Holding the needed certifications and being able to speak Mandarin can help a lot in getting a childcare job in Yishun. It also helps to share your past work with kids and how you've created a caring place for them. By meeting these needs and showing a deep commitment to childcare, you can build a rewarding career in early childhood education in Yishun.

Tips for Applying to Childcare Jobs in Yishun

Applying for childcare jobs in Yishun can be more successful with a few tips. Tailor your application for each job. Show your experience and qualifications. This will make you stand out.

Highlight Your Relevant Experience, Certifications, and Language Skills

It's important to highlight your experience with kids when applying for jobs in Yishun. Mention any early childhood education roles or training you've had. Include any certifications you've obtained.

If you've taken childcare or early childhood education courses, include that. Also, if you speak languages like Mandarin, that's important in Yishun. Mention it as a valuable skill.

Showcase Your Passion for Working with Children

Showcasing your love for working with kids can boost your application. Use it to show how you nurture and support their growth. Share your creative ideas for engaging them in learning in a positive environment.

Employers in Yishun look for candidates committed to quality care and education. By showing your passion and dedication, you can impress them. This increases your chances of getting a childcare job.

Include Contact Information and Availability for Interviews

Include your phone number and email in your application. This lets employers easily contact you for discussions or interviews.

Also, mention when you're available for interviews. Offering a range of dates and times shows flexibility and commitment. It helps employers schedule interviews easily, showing you’re proactive.

Attention to detail and a tailored application are key in Yishun childcare job applications.

By using these tips and tailoring your application for each job, you're more likely to get a rewarding childcare job in Yishun.

Growth and Development Opportunities in Yishun Childcare

Yishun is a hub for growth in early childhood education. Places like Apple Tree Playhouse give ongoing training and support to their staff. This helps them improve their skills and knowledge.

The need for quality childcare is rising, creating many chances for career growth in Yishun's childcare sector.

Apple Tree Playhouse cares deeply about its employees' growth. We provide various training, workshops, and conferences. Our aim is to keep our staff skilled and informed about new trends and methods.

In Yishun's childcare field, professionals deeply impact children’s lives while growing their own careers. Yishun is great for those new to the field or seeking to broaden their expertise. It offers a supportive space for growth.

Benefits of Working in Yishun Childcare Centers

Working in Yishun's childcare centers offers many perks for a fulfilling career:

  1. Supportive Work Culture: These centers have a positive atmosphere that encourages teamwork and ongoing learning.

  2. Attractive Remuneration Packages: They offer good salaries and benefits.

  3. Opportunities for Career Advancement: As demand grows, so do the chances for professionals to move up in their careers in Yishun.

  4. Vibrant Community: Yishun is lively and great for families, making work and life there rewarding.

  5. Positive Impact on Children: Professionals in Yishun can truly make a difference in kids' lives, aiding their growth.

Contact Apple Tree Playhouse for Childcare Jobs in Yishun

Interested in early childhood education careers in Yishun? Reach out to Apple Tree Playhouse. We're at No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central). We have various childcare jobs in Yishun. Call us at +65 6271 6388 to learn about our open positions and join our team.

Benefits of Working in Yishun Childcare Centers

Working at a Yishun childcare center offers many benefits. These places have a team-focused work culture. This creates a positive space for everyone, kids and staff alike.

The pay and benefits are great too. Childcare professionals get fair pay for their hard work and care. It's all about appreciating their dedication.

Plus, Yishun is a fantastic place to live and work. It has a strong sense of community and is welcoming to families. This makes it easy to connect with people and feel at home.

There are also great chances for career growth. Many centers offer training to help their staff grow. This helps everyone to keep learning and improving.

Workers get to really help kids. They support their growth, keep them safe, and spark their love of learning. It's a job that makes a difference.

So, the perks of working in Yishun childcare centers go beyond just the job. It's about helping children and making a positive impact on the next generation.

Join us today!

Discover fulfilling career options and a lively community in Yishun. Call Apple Tree Playhouse at +65 6271 6388. Find out about job openings and start an enriching career in early childhood education.

Contact Apple Tree Playhouse for Childcare Jobs in Yishun

If you're looking for a meaningful career in early childhood education, Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun is the right place. We have many childcare job openings. We offer various career opportunities for passionate individuals like you.

Apple Tree Playhouse is at No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, in Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central). It's a well-known childcare center in Yishun. Our center is dedicated to creating a supportive and nurturing work environment. Here, you can positively impact young children's lives.

If you're interested in our childcare job openings in Yishun or have questions, call us at +65 6271 6388. Our team is ready to provide you with more details. We will guide you through the application process.

Join our team and embark on a fulfilling career in childcare

At Apple Tree Playhouse, we believe in providing quality education and care to every child. Joining our team means playing a vital role in young children's futures in Yishun. We offer competitive salaries and a work culture that values teamwork.

Don't miss this chance to impact children's lives and contribute to Yishun's vibrant childcare industry. Contact Apple Tree Playhouse to learn about childcare job opportunities in Yishun.

Your passion for working with children and dedication to their development make you the perfect candidate for a childcare job in Yishun.

Job Openings at Apple Tree Playhouse



Salary Range

Preschool Teacher

Early Childhood Certificate (CECCE), Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE), or equivalent

$2,500 - $4,500 per month

Assistant Teacher

GCE 'O' Level or WSQ Advanced Certificate in Early Years

$1,800 - $3,500 per month

Infant Care Educator

Certificate in Infant Care (CIC)

$2,200 - $4,000 per month

Learning Support Educator

Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching (DECT) or Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership (ADECL)

$2,800 - $5,000 per month


Childcare jobs in Yishun are great for people who love early childhood education. You can be a preschool teacher or an assistant teacher. These jobs are at places like Apple Tree Playhouse. They offer good pay, training, and a supportive work place.

By working in childcare in Yishun, you help young kids grow and learn. Do you love teaching or helping children learn? Yishun has many jobs for you in the early childhood area.

Looking for a childcare job in Yishun? Check out Apple Tree Playhouse. They focus on quality education for kids and support their staff well. Join the childcare community in Yishun for a career that makes a difference.


What childcare job positions are available in Yishun?

Yishun offers various childcare job positions. These include preschool teacher and assistant teacher. Roles like learning support educator and infant care educator are also available.

Which companies are currently hiring for childcare jobs in Yishun?

Apple Tree Playhouse and Wharton Family are looking for people. They need individuals for childcare jobs in Yishun now.

What is the salary range for childcare jobs in Yishun?

Childcare jobs in Yishun pay between $2,200 and $5,500 monthly.

What are the responsibilities of childcare jobs in Yishun?

In Yishun, childcare job duties involve keeping the classroom and center tidy. Staff also build bonds with parents. They create lesson plans and implement suitable curriculums for kids.

They play a big role in the all-around growth and learning of preschoolers.

What are the requirements for childcare jobs in Yishun?

Childcare jobs in Yishun require a B4 in English Language (EL1) or higher. A degree or diploma from a local poly and 5 O-level credits are needed too. Having certifications like ACEY, L1/L2/EY1/EY2, or a WSQ Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education is important.

Knowing Mandarin and having experience are pluses. A big heart for kids is a must.

Are there part-time childcare positions available in Yishun?

Yes, some childcare roles in Yishun are part-time. They offer good flexibility for those seeking such opportunities.

What is the job description for the Chinese Language Preschool Educator position in Yishun?

The Chinese Language Preschool Educator in Yishun focuses on whole-child learning. They work with parents to guide and update them. Their goal is to create a loving, supportive classroom setting.

What is the salary range for the Chinese Language Preschool Educator position in Yishun?

Chinese Language Preschool Educators in Yishun can earn from $3,000 to $4,500 per month.

What are the responsibilities of the Assistant Teacher positions in Yishun childcare centers?

Assistant Teachers in Yishun help the lead teacher plan activities. They also set routines, care for the kids, and help make the center a warm and safe place.

What are the growth and development opportunities in Yishun childcare?

Places like Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun offer training and support. They help childcare professionals improve skills and move up in their careers.

What are the benefits of working in Yishun childcare centers?

Working in Yishun childcare comes with perks. A positive workplace, good pay packages, and career growth chances are some. Plus, you impact young lives positively.

How can I contact Apple Tree Playhouse for childcare job opportunities in Yishun?

For job openings in childcare at Apple Tree Playhouse in Yishun, call +65 6271 6388.

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