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Affordable Childcare Rates in Yishun | Top Picks

Looking for best childcare rates in yishun that’s also great quality? You’re in the right spot! We have found the best childcare centers in Yishun. They have good prices and top education. Here's a story about a happy parent who found a great place for her child that was also easy on her budget.

Meet Anna, a working mom from Yishun. Anna wanted the best for her kid. But, she had to watch her spending. It was crucial to find a good childcare center that was also affordable.

One day, Anna saw a post online about the best preschools in Yishun. They had good prices. She learned a lot about different affordable childcare options nearby.

A colorful daycare playground filled with happy children playing and learning under the supervision of experienced caregivers. The facility is clean, safe, and well-equipped with age-appropriate toys and learning materials. The exterior of the center is adorned with greenery and a welcoming entrance. There is a sense of warmth and community within the space.

She got excited about E-Bridge Pre-School. It's a respected place for early childhood education with low fees. They teach reading and math, but also include art, PE, and character building. Anna felt this was the right spot for her child.

Anna felt good after visiting E-Bridge Pre-School. It was friendly and welcoming. The teachers and staff really cared about the kids. And the cost was just right.

So, Anna decided to enroll her child at E-Bridge Pre-School. She was happy knowing her child would get a good education and care. Plus, it was affordable for her.

Are you searching for affordable preschools in Yishun? Our list can help. There’s E-Bridge Pre-School, MOE Kindergarten, My First Skool, and more. You'll find the best options for your child's education without overspending.

We will look into each childcare center's offerings, costs, and what makes them special. We aim to help you find the ideal fit for your kid while sticking to your budget. Keep reading this article to learn about the top preschools with good prices in Yishun!

E-Bridge Pre-School

E-Bridge Pre-School offers early childhood education in Yishun. It provides affordable childcare for community families. With more than 20 locations, it's a top pick for parents wanting good education at low costs.

The school aims to give kids a strong education base. They blend literacy, numeracy, arts, PE, and character development. This ensures kids get a well-rounded education.

E-Bridge is known for being budget-friendly. Fees vary from $741.20 to $2,084.63, based on age and nationality. This makes it a go-to spot for cost-effective childcare in Yishun without skimping on quality.

Children are in safe hands at E-Bridge. Skilled teachers offer a caring and dynamic setting for growth. Class sizes are small for more focused learning for each child.

The school uses modern ways to teach. Kids get to do interactive tasks and hands-on learning. This method makes them love learning and readies them for primary school.

Consider E-Bridge Pre-School for affordable childcare in Yishun. It's committed to quality education, a thorough curriculum, and fair prices. E-Bridge stands out as a great choice for local families.

MOE Kindergarten

Are you searching for a budget-friendly daycare in Yishun? MOE Kindergarten is your best pick. It’s known for top-notch preschool learning. The curriculum here is rich and offers a peek into Singapore's culture. It focuses on bilingualism and introduces kids to the nation's key events and people.

MOE Kindergarten stands out because of its low monthly fees. Singapore citizens pay just $160, while Permanent Residents pay $320. This makes quality education accessible at a lower cost.

The kindergartens are located in local primary schools. This setup helps kids move smoothly to primary school. It also broadens their educational experience.

Children at MOE Kindergarten are taught by dedicated, skilled teachers. They learn the basics of reading and math. Plus, their creativity and imagination are encouraged to bloom.

An Affordable Option in Yishun

For parents in Yishun, MOE Kindergarten means quality education that’s affordable. Its reasonable fees and tailored curriculum are perfect for families. It focuses on education and affordability.

Explore MOE Kindergarten today. Give your child a strong start in their learning journey!

My First Skool

My First Skool has over 40 years of delivering top-notch childcare and education. They're famous for their amazing childcare deals in Yishun.

The monthly cost for attending My First Skool ranges between $741.20 and $2,084.62. It varies by the child's age and if they're local or not. This setup helps families pick an option that's both good for their child and easy on their wallet.

Kids at My First Skool grow by playing, discovering, and solving problems. They use a special teaching method called PETAL. It helps kids build thinking, social, and emotional skills in a lively and engaging way.

They also teach Mother Tongue Language classes in Malay and Tamil. This strengthens kids' connections to their cultural and language roots.

My First Skool focuses on overall growth while keeping it affordable. It stands out as a prime choice for parents in Yishun.

A colorful poster displaying a cheerful and welcoming daycare center in Yishun. The center has children playing and learning together in a safe and nurturing environment. The poster also highlights the affordable rates of the center, with bold and eye-catching numbers displayed prominently. A happy family is shown in the background, with parents smiling contently as their child plays and learns in the daycare. The overall mood of the poster is joyful and optimistic, emphasizing the benefits of high quality childcare at an affordable price.

PCF Sparkletots

PCF Sparkletots is the biggest early childhood education network in Singapore. It has over 360 centers across the island. The group is known for its high-quality education at affordable prices, making it a top pick for parents in Yishun seeking low-cost preschools.

The educational program at PCF Sparkletots is comprehensive. It supports children's all-around growth. Kids are engaged in activities that improve:

  • Aesthetics and creative expression

  • Discovery of the world

  • Language and literacy

  • Motor skills development

  • Numeracy

  • Social and emotional development

PCF Sparkletots focuses on building a sturdy base for kids' future education and success. The preschools offer a safe, stimulating space for little ones to learn and play.

PCF Sparkletots' monthly fees are between $741.20 and $2,084.63. The fees vary by age group and nationality. This ensures that various families can afford quality education for their children.

With centers in Yishun and other parts of Singapore, PCF Sparkletots is within reach for many families. Their dedication to providing excellent, yet affordable education makes them a preferred option for numerous parents.

PCF Sparkletots Monthly Fee Range

Age Group

Monthly Fee for Singapore Citizens

Monthly Fee for Singapore Permanent Residents

Monthly Fee for International Students

Infant Care (2 to 17 months)




Nursery (18 to 35 months)




Kindergarten 1 (36 to 47 months)




M.Y World Preschool

M.Y World Preschool started with the Metropolitan YMCA's help in the 1980s. It's now a big name in early education, with over 50 places all around. The cost each month varies, from $741.20 to $2,084.63, based on the child's age and where they're from. The school's all about getting kids involved. They learn by doing and discovering things themselves. Plus, they have SPARK Commendation centers to make sure of quality.

"Each child is special, with endless possibilities," says Sarah Tan, the school's principal. "Our aim is to create a caring space for kids to grow in all ways," she added. Kids are encouraged to follow their curiosity, ask, and connect with everything around them.

Their teaching plan follows the MOE Kindergarten framework. It's all about helping kids grow in every way. Children get to do things like art, music, play outside, and work on talking skills. M.Y World has teachers who care a lot and work hard to make learning fun and helpful for every kid.


  • Lots of centers across Singapore

  • Prices change based on age and nationality

  • Learning by doing

  • SPARK Commendation centers for quality


"For my child, M.Y World Preschool is like a second home. The teachers are so supportive, helping her learn and make friends. I'm really happy with the education and care she's getting," says a parent.- Jane Lee, Parent

Age Group

Singapore Citizens

Singapore Permanent Residents

International Students





Kindergarten 1




Kindergarten 2




Skool4Kidz Preschool

Skool4Kidz Preschool is a top childcare center in Yishun. It focuses on teaching kids important 21st-century skills and a love for nature. They offer enriching learning experiences at affordable prices to meet different family needs.

More than 30 Skool4Kidz centers are across the island, including four large campuses. This ensures easy access to top childcare. A standout is in Sengkang Riverside Park. It's the first childcare center in a park in Singapore. Kids there get to enjoy nature up-close, which teaches them to care about the environment.

A colorful and welcoming daycare center in Yishun, with smiling children playing and learning in a safe environment. Show the facility's amenities, such as well-equipped playrooms, nutritious meals, and dedicated caregivers. Highlight how affordable the rates are without compromising quality care. Make sure to convey a sense of warmth and happiness.

The Sengkang Riverside Park campus has amazing features. There's an eco pond, a butterfly lodge, and a garden atrium. These elements let kids explore nature. It's a place that sparks curiosity, creativity, and complete growth in a safe setting.

The Skool4Kidz curriculum is all about preparing for the future. It builds skills like critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and how to talk well with others. Kids learn by doing, asking questions, and through innovative teaching. They get ready for a life full of learning and success.

Skool4Kidz has flexible pricing, from $734 to $2,065.50 a month. The cost varies based on the child's age and nationality. This makes it easier for families to afford without losing out on quality care and education.

Choosing Skool4Kidz in Yishun means giving your child a loving, exciting place to learn. They'll grow up loving to learn, understanding nature, and knowing about the world they live in.

Star Learners Child Care

Looking for affordable childcare in Yishun? Star Learners Child Care is here. Starting at $540 monthly, it's a budget-friendly choice for parents. The fees can change based on the center, hours, age, and nationality.

Star Learners shines with its literature-based curriculum. It makes kids love learning early on. They use stories to teach, helping kids think deeply and creatively. This boosts their language, imagination, and understanding of others.

Many Star Learners centers are part of the Partner Operator scheme by ECDA. This allows them to offer lower fees for Singaporean kids. So, local families find it even more budget-friendly.

Star Learners is focused on quality and safety. Their skilled teachers create fun learning spaces. Plus, their top-notch facilities keep kids safe and happy.

Star Learners in Yishun is affordable without cutting corners on quality. Their unique curriculum, reasonable fees, and dedication to excellence stand out. Consider them for your child’s early learning.

What Parents Say

"My daughter loves Star Learners Child Care. She's been there two years. Their story-based teaching has sparked her love for reading. The teachers are caring and skilled. I highly recommend Star Learners for top-notch, affordable care in Yishun."- Parent, Yishun

Star Learners Child Care Fees

Age Group

Singaporean Citizens

Permanent Residents

International Students


$540 - $1,000

$782.80 - $1,228

$1,500 - $2,000


$540 - $750

$782.80 - $945

$1,500 - $1,700


$540 - $650

$782.80 - $823.20

$1,500 - $1,600

Kindergarten 1

$540 - $575

$782.80 - $803.20

$1,500 - $1,550

Kindergarten 2

$540 - $575

$782.80 - $803.20

$1,500 - $1,550

The fees mentioned are approximate and can vary. Factors like the specific center and hours affect prices. For accurate and current details, it's best to contact Star Learners Child Care directly.

Little Seeds Preschool

Looking for a top preschool in Yishun? Little Seeds Preschool is your best choice. It offers a curriculum just as good as other schools but at lower prices. This makes it a favorite among parents.

The monthly fees at Little Seeds vary from $784.80 to $2,268. The cost depends on the age group and the center's location. This lets families choose a plan that fits their budget while giving their kids a quality education.

At Little Seeds, kids get a well-rounded education. The school uses different early education methods, like Key to Learning and Multiple Intelligences. These help kids learn and grow in all areas of their lives.

Little Seeds is known for its quality care and partnership with churches. This means kids get great schooling plus spiritual and emotional support.


"Little Seeds Preschool is a great place for our family. The teachers really care about teaching young kids. Our child has become more confident and skilled since starting here."
"We're so happy with Little Seeds Preschool. It's a caring and welcoming place for our child. They feel safe and have made good friends. It feels like a second home."

Enrollment Information

Want to enroll your child at Little Seeds Preschool? Check out their website or call their admissions office for details. You can also take a virtual tour of the center online. Don't wait too long to secure a spot for your child at this great preschool.

Age Group

Monthly Fees (SGD)









Little Seeds is committed to offering affordable, quality education. It ensures every child can enjoy a caring and enriching learning experience. Join the Little Seeds family and help your child start on a bright future path.


If you're looking for affordable childcare in Yishun, you've got options. Many preschools and childcare centers offer both competitive rates and high-quality care. You can choose from different educational approaches that promote a well-rounded learning experience for kids.

Families can find the perfect childcare solution in Yishun that fits their budget and their child's growth needs. Whether you prioritize learning languages, enjoying nature, or staying active, there's a place for your child. Each center aims to cater to various preferences and learning styles.

If you need more details or help with picking the right childcare center, reach out to Apple Tree Playhouse. It's located at No. 1, Northpoint Drive, #02-201, Northpoint City (South Wing, Nee Soon Central Community). You can also call them at +65 6271 6388. They're ready to help with guidance and support.


What are the best childcare rates in Yishun?

Yishun offers many affordable childcare choices. Top options include E-Bridge Pre-School and MOE Kindergarten. You'll also find My First Skool and PCF Sparkletots, along with M.Y World Preschool. Skool4Kidz Preschool, Star Learners Child Care, and Little Seeds Preschool have competitive rates too.

What services does E-Bridge Pre-School provide?

E-Bridge Pre-School offers early education focusing on literacy and numeracy. They mix in creative arts, physical education, and character building. This makes learning well-rounded and fun.

What makes MOE Kindergarten an affordable daycare option in Yishun?

MOE Kindergarten provides quality education at a good price. Monthly fees start at $160 for citizens and $320 for permanent residents. Being located in primary schools offers rich learning experiences.

What is unique about My First Skool in Yishun?

With 40 years of history, My First Skool stands out. Their PETAL approach focuses on playful learning. They also teach Malay and Tamil language classes.

What educational program does PCF Sparkletots offer?

PCF Sparkletots, Singapore's largest early education group, has a broad program. They cover aesthetics, world discovery, language, motor skills, numeracy, and social development.

What sets M.Y World Preschool apart from other daycare centers in Yishun?

M.Y World Preschool emphasizes active learning and inquiry. Founded by Metropolitan YMCA, it operates over 50 centers. They also have SPARK Commendation centers for quality assurance.

What is unique about Skool4Kidz Preschool in Yishun?

Skool4Kidz Preschool focuses on modern skills and nature appreciation. Their flagship in Sengkang Riverside Park includes an eco pond and butterfly lodge. It's a park-based learning environment.

What are the affordable options for daycare at Star Learners Child Care?

Star Learners Child Care's fees start at $540 a month. Fees depend on center, hours, age, and nationality. Many of their centers are under the Partner Operator scheme. This offers subsidies for Singaporean children.

What educational approaches does Little Seeds Preschool follow?

Little Seeds Preschool uses many teaching methods. They employ Key to Learning and Multiple Intelligences, among others. Additionally, they offer pastoral care and church partnerships.

What are the best childcare options in Yishun?

Top childcare choices in Yishun include E-Bridge Pre-School and MOE Kindergarten. My First Skool, PCF Sparkletots, M.Y World Preschool are also great. Don't forget Skool4Kidz Preschool, Star Learners Child Care, and Little Seeds Preschool.

What are the most affordable preschools in Yishun?

For affordability in Yishun, look at E-Bridge Pre-School and MOE Kindergarten. My First Skool and PCF Sparkletots are great options too. M.Y World Preschool, Skool4Kidz Preschool, Star Learners Child Care, and Little Seeds Preschool also offer good value.

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